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Tips for CX Cabin Crew Interview I’ve just got the contract call from CX and now would like to share the experience to you all in order to help everyone go smoothly through for the interview procedures. Probably some of you have already known the procedures quite well, the following is the summary of the whole recruitment procedures with detailed and tips, to tell you how to win an offer with CX.

Are you ready? Let’s go! ONLINE APPLICATION CX doesn’t accept any submittion method EXCEPT online application. Just simply click on the CX’s Web page and complete the application form online, the job agency will guiding you finish the whole form.

After the submittion, usually you will receive their invitation call within 7-14 days. FIRST INTERVIEW Part I The interview will take place in the Cathay City.

The recruitment staff will take you to the 4/F in the North Tower. There will be a short introduction about CX, and the recruitment staff will helping all candidates for the registration. Afterwards, there will be a arm test, you can stand with your tiptoe to reach 208 cm. Your shoes will be surely removed while you are taking the arm test. It is strongly recommend that to get a bit more training with your spoken English.

Cx Crew

You don’t have to be 100% flurent as a forigener, but at least your spoken English should be understandable and to let someone feel that you can express yourself clearly.

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Part II The interviewer will invite a group of maximum 9 people to take part in the group interview. You will be assigned a number. You can have 2 minutes to introduce yourself, try to keep your introduction concise and clean, and tell everyone your SELLING POINT, such as your educational background, why you want to be a FA (My answer is because I like the non routine style of this job), or how capable that you can handle this position.

The group interview will be last for 10 minutes, you will get a case of a topic. My topic was using all the restricted elements to discuss what comes the most important aspect for ‘team spirit’. Choose 3 elements out of 8 (there was a element printed at the bottom part of your test paper, and you have to sell your point to your group mates, try to convince them to use your point as one of the top three elements) TIPS: You CANNOT come up with your own idea, all candidates should be reminded that to use the element stated on the paper. When you discuss, you should always remain clamly.

Tell everyone what your points are and how do you think your elemet will be the most important one. Trying to help each other and compromising to your groupmates if necessary. Remember, the aims of this interview is to test how good are you at as a team member. Always show your decency and helpful personality to the interviewer. Afterwards you will receive a YELLOW CARD, if your yellow card stated the final interview appointment day, congratulations! You are IN! Otherwise, CX will be welcoming you after six months of your application. FINAL INTERVIEW

People are struggling what should do in the final interview. Once again, your English level is really important because the whole interview will be conducted in English, if you are good at spoken English, then you can express yourself a bit more easier then the others. STAY CALM at all times and please hang your FRIENDLY SMILE on. Some interviewers may be very ‘challenging’, but it doesn’t mean a bad thing. I was having interview by Ms. J and she is so called a ‘killer’. Well, I thought she was, because she challenged me three times in the interview.

But I answered all her questions calmly with professional manner, she didn’t seem to be pleased for my answer, and I was preparing I would be fail in this occasion. But finally I come up with an idea, the interviewer challenge you just simply because she/he is interested to know more about your reaction and see whether you can cope with the emergency situation. Five summerising tips: SMILE, FRIENDLY, CALM, DECENT, and PROFESSIONAL. Of course you need to tell the interviewer HOW CAPABLE you are to be a FA BODY CHECK AND MANDARIN TEST CALL Okay okay, here we come the final step. Wait for the Body Check and Mandarin Test.

I know you are extremely nervous with your result, right? Dan Dan… you know what? If the interviewer is highly appreciate with your performance at the final interview, they will give you the contract in the same day. (It depends on what time you have doen your final in, if it is already 5pm, just simply wait for 2 days). If you can’t hear from CX within five working days, most likely you have to reapply after six months. (Or I don’t know maybe there are some exceptional cases, but what I have heard and I have seen is, most of the successul candidates could receive the BC;MA call shortly) BC ; MA

Body Check is a time wasting activity. I remember that I arrived at 10. 00 and I finish it just right before the MA at 12. 30. BC is normal, you have to go through the X-Ray and certainly you need to give them your fresh urine for the medical checking. Then the nurse will guide you to the room and do the eye test, remember to bring along a suitable opticals with you in order to do the eye test, they will test your pair of eyes seperately. Bloody pressure, height checking, colour blind test and hearing test will be involved in the procedures as well.

TIPS: The nurse is really unfriendly and she will scold at you if you did something wrong. Afterwards you will need to see the docotor, remember you need to be nude and the doctor will do some physical tests with you. For male applicants, please be prepared your most private organ will also be ‘test’ by the doctor. MA MA is not as difficult as you think. But I bet you really have to be prepared. (1) The first part will be the listening test, 10 questions and they are quite simple, nothing to worry about. (2) You have to record your sound. This is quite an important part. Three questions. One minute to introduce yourself -One minute to tell us your hobbies -One minute to tell us which destination of CX network you like the most. -THREE minutes to tell us your most memoriable ‘work experience’ (3) Translation There are 20 vocabs and you need to translate them into Mandarin, your answers will be recorded. Here are some words that I remember: Inflamation, Footrest, Diamond, Catch up… etc. (4) Reading To read a passage, some terms like ? ,? ,? ,? … (5) Reading with ? ? ,? …? CONTRACT CALL Most likely you will recive a contract call in 8-10 days.

Some people have to submit support documentation to prove that they are physically fit for the job (I am the one who have to pay $1700 for the additional body check, bloody hell), if you need to submit further report, it will take longer time, most likely 12-13 days. If you cannot hear anything from them after 14 days or more, please CALL AND ASK THEM. ** If you have Type B Hepatits (? ) Jsut simply forget to apply the postion of Flight Attendant, because you will NOT BE ACCEPTED. Finally, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL and hope can see you guys onboard.

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