Vimmy Ridge Battle

1910 – 1920

Positive: Vimmy Ridge

Vimmy Ridge, one of the greatest battles in Canadian history and is considered to be a defining moment in Canada, when Canada came from under the shadow of Britain and was considered internationally as a more independent and respected state. The battle was led by Sir Arthur Currie who was the first Canadian appointed commander of the corps. The perseverance, dedication and the leadership of the Canadian Corps led to the victory of the allied force. This battle alone was a turning point in WW1.

In April of 1917 The Canadian Corps were ordered to capture Vimmy ridge. The French trying to take over the region was a complete disaster resulting in more than 150,000 casualties and Britain was driven back before they could plan an attack. So it was up to the Canadians to finally get the job done. In order to have more firepower the infantry were given what’s called specialist roles as machine gunners, rifle men and grenade throwers.

These men underwent weeks of training behind the lines using models and maps to represent the battlefield. In the morning of April 9 1917 20,000 soldiers attacked in the first set of battle and in the afternoon success was delivered when the Canadian corps captured the two front lines. When the fighting progressed, the Canadians would soon gain control, by April 12th the entire ridge would be under the control of the allied forces. Canadian casualties reached 10,602 and 3,598 were killed.

Vimmy Ridge

Negative: 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic

The influenza that occurred during the years 1918-1919 killed more people then WW1, approximately 20-40 million people around the world.

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The origins of the flu are not precisely known, some say that it originated from China in some weird genetic shift of the influenza. The name of Spanish flu comes from early affliction and large mortalities experienced in Spain that reportedly killed more than 8 million people in may of 1918. The first wave of the infl…

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