Three Shifts Three Supervisors

The following sample essay on Three Shifts Three Supervisors. To appease the workers in their Jobs by giving some prosperity gift or benefits. 3. To develop the office management of ML in other to have a better company relationship between the superior to his subordinate. Areas of Consideration Analysis: The Main Problem is the style of leadership Mr.. Gang is a dictatorial leader that uses negative approach to his subordinates.

All decision-making power is theirs, unrealistic in demands, uses excessive discipline and punishment, and does not allow others to question decisions or authority.

Like what he did to Ian Michael he agree with the proposal. That became the cause of their conflict that lead to Ian Michael to submit a resignation letter. Alternative Courses of Action: In alternative course of action I will specify the possible and most viable solution to solve the problems. First Mr.. Gang should change his, style of his leadership so that he could not have an argument/ conflict Like what happen between him and Ian Michael.

In addition to that to lessen the high rate of turnovers, to appease the workers in tenet Sods Day Glenn some prosperity glut or Benefits, and to develop the office management of ML in other to have a better company relationship between the superior to his subordinate. If possible they can use what Ian Michael proposal in motivating the employee to have a better organization. Recommendation: The best solution that I could recommend is to back Ian Michael to the company his a big help to the company to improve the organization.

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In addition, Like what I said to my other statement Mr..

Gang should change his style of leadership so that the company could avoid a conflict like what happen between Ian Michael and Mr.. Gang. Conclusion/ Detailed Action Plan As early as possible, Mr.. Gang should approach Ian Michael to go back to the company and offer a higher position for him to grab the offer. Then Mr.. Gang should change his attitude in communicating with his subordinate. They should held a meeting at least twice a month to tackle all the happenings inside the organization. In addition to that they should also held a team building to improve the team work of the employees of the company.

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Three Shifts Three Supervisors
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