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Thomson Local Paper

The Thomson Local can provide great business opportunity’s to you just like the Yellow Pages can. With Thomson Local the book is also given to you free on your doorstep so it’s guarenteed that everyone has one in their house and to advertise in the book is absolutely free and it has all the information you would need to put in it about your business. One great advantage of the book is that it is smaller and lighter than the Yellow Pages to carry. But, Thomson Local isn’t as well known as the Yellow Pages so if people were looking for a directory the first one that would come into their head is the Yellow Pages.

The Thomson Local is well known but the Yellow Pages beats it by miles. If you are going to advertise in this book than you would still have to stand out the most and if you don’t than other ads will over shadow yours and yours would never get found until the end. There’s so many ads in this book and you are all vying for the readers attention and to do that you need to make sure your ad is big, bold and colourful. If Errol was to advertise in this book, then again I would advise him to make sure he’s the best looking ad in the page and makes sure the ad stands out compared to the rest.

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He won’t get as many people looking at his ad in this book as Yellow Pages is more known, but as this book is well categorised his ad will be found quicker. Leaflets With leaflets, Errol could put them in the shops and people could take them on their way in/out and they are easy to get and cheap to buy. With the leaflets, Errol could hand them out on the streets and by doing this he already has a wide audience and is getting publicity by doing this. He is an entrepreneur so it will take time for people to know his business and he can’t keep taking time off work to promote his business so he could get family members and friends to help out.

The disadvantages of leaflets is that people may not pay attention to it and will throw them away, there might be too much information in it so people may not want to read it or there’s too little information about what the business does and the person would be confused as to what the business is about as they have no information about it. Leaflets have to have the perfect amount of information in it and maybe some pictures to make it look more interesting. Business Cards By using business cards, the garages name could be spread quicker as business cards get handed out quick as people pass them on hand in hand all the time.

So they don’t cost as much and as an entrepreneur Errol would need all the help he can get. These cards will represent his business and show how devoted he is to the business and have all the info about the garage. A disadvantage is that business cards don’t get looked at properly and people tend to throw them away, and if they don’t look appealing at all the person would think that the garage is cheap and tacky and that the work there is useless and that it isn’t a very good garage to take your car to.

Posters Posters have a very wide audience if they are outside and if they are very attractive people tend to look at them more often than they would with other posters. They can be great for advertising your business, as they are an easy way to sell your business as the poster tells the person everything they need to know about your business. With vibrant colours and a memorable name the poster would never be forgotten. The costs of making posters of different sizes are: A3 B3 A2 B2 Flat sizes: (420 x 297 mm) (510 x 340 mm) (594 x 420 mm) (700 x 500 mm).

These are cheap, efficient and are exposed to the public. The down side is that people may not pay attention to the posters because if someone was driving than they would have to concentrate on that as they can’t look around unless there was traffic and if there was another poster next to your poster and it was much more flashier and attractive than the person’s eyes would move onto that poster instead of yours.

Posters also cause eye pollution as some of them have an unsightly look to them. If Errol was to make posters they would have to be beautiful, he has to make the person want to look at the poster he shouldn’t make a poster, which makes the person look away after a few seconds. Web Page If Errol was to advertise online with the Yellow Pages web site or Thomson Local site than the search would be faster for people to look for and as they can target their area they won’t have as many choices to look at and there is a big guarentee that Errol’s garage would be contacted.

With online advertising there is a wide audience and there can be all the information the person would need to know about the service without over doing the information. There are different prices ranges for advertising with Yell. com and those are: Local Sponsored Listing Landscape Portrait Price Band.

Web Link is a priority listing on yell. com with a link to a web site. Local Advert is a static text or graphic advertisement that appears on the search results page of yell. com. It has a prominent position displayed at the top of the search results page above the yell. com search bar. A Yellow Pages Advert Online is an online replica image of the Yellow Pages directory ad. It includes one unit of Coverage Plus and is linked to one branch in one classification. Harrow, Uxbridge and Wembley.

Banners are striking ads, which can be purchased, on a number of pages throughout yell. com based on impersonation or occasion. Tier 1 are higher advertiser demands therefore they cost higher than tier 2 which is the rest of the ads. On the Thomson Local web site there are no price ranges of advertising with them. But if Errol were to advertise online it would mean more exposure for him, which would mean more customers.

Although, if there are other ads online Errol will be in heavy competition as each garage would want the customers to notice them more, so if Errol had an ad online he would have to make sure that it’s the first ad that comes up on the page so therefore leading to him paying more for the publicity online. From the appropriate marketing media that I suggested for Errol Anderson and his company, I am going to say why I chose them showing reasoned judgement of my decision and I am also going to say how these media’s could affect Errol financially, socially and environmentally. Local Newspapers.

I chose local newspapers because in the area of his business, the local people would want to know about businesses opening up to see if it can help them by being closer to them than other businesses. So by choosing local newspapers his business can then be promoted by the advertisement in the paper, this is how the local people would know about him and when they need to get their car fixed they can then go to Errol as he is a mechanic and is close by. The cost of advertising in the newspaper may affect him financially but if he were advertising regularly than he would get a 20% discount per week.

I’m not sure what the public would think about an ad in the local newspaper but I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind it but not everyone will be excited about a garage opening up so in that way, he has no customers there, this affects him socially as the public aren’t very caring that he is opening up a new business and he needs customers. An environmental issue is that they are wasting paper to advertise, but as it’s in a newspaper and they use paper up all the time it’s ok, he isn’t doing much harm to the environment. Radio Stations

I think that if Errol was to advertise on radio than loads of people would know about him, even if they don’t pay attention to the ad very much, listening to it over and over again would get it stuck into their heads so if they ever need a car mechanic and it’s close to them, they can go to Errol. This however is very expensive and as Errol has just opened up his business, he wouldn’t have much money left. This affects him financially and if he doesn’t have that much money than he won’t be able to broadcast on the radio.

Directories As the directories come free to your doorstep and are free to advertise in, this is a great method for Errol to use whilst opening up his business. When people need a service they are quick to look up for it in the directories, so if Errol were in a directory there would be many people looking through it and would find him and would give him a call. Even though there are other ads in there, he has just as much of a chance like the other ads.

However, this will affect him socially, because of all the other ads, they are in competition and they are enemies towards one another. Leaflets Leaflets are easy to give out to people or people can just pick them up in a shop or something. They give you all the details that you need to know about that certain business. If Errol was to hand leaflets out than people would know more about him and his company, and by adding pictures if would gain the customers trust even more as you are more than happy to show them how your business looks like and the place where you work.

An environmental issue towards the leaflets is that you would be using a lot of trees to make them so you would be harming the environment by cutting down loads of trees just to make your leaflets, unless it was recycled paper that would be even better, but if not, you are harming the environment greatly. Business Cards As they are tiny people would be able to keep them in their wallet or pocket. They don’t take up much room in your house either and they are very useful. They contain all the information you need to know about the business and they can look either attractive or dull.

If Errol used these than his business would expand even more because more people would know about him as business cards get passed on hand in hand. But again he would be harming the environment by wasting trees, so in some ways he shouldn’t buy as many business cards, he only needs the local people to know about him so he wouldn’t need to use as many trees. Posters Many people would pass posters and would have no reason not to look at them, as they stand out a lot and if Errol had a poster with bold and lively colours on it than he would be attracting a lot of people to look at it and in that sense he would have more customers.

His poster should stand out compared to the other posters so they are more attracted to looking at his poster, rather than other businesses. This is also wasting a lot of trees; Errol would need recycled paper to do these unless he only buys some posters. He could maybe buy a few large posters so than he isn’t using up much paper. Web Page By having a web page the person would have found you much quicker and the searching is faster. This is efficient for both the people and Errol.

This is good for Errol so than he can just change his information around whenever he likes, so if there is a mistake he can correct it, whereas if it were in a book he would have to wait until the new book comes out. The Internet has a wide audience and with that Errol could gain a lot more customers. A financial disadvantage to this is that it could be too expensive for Errol, as you have to pay for it yearly and he may not have that much money to have a web site or put his name on a site like yell. com so he would need to save up some money before he creates a site.

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