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“This morning I decided to stop eating” Review Paper

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Essay on “This morning I decided to stop eating”

I read the review here and she decided to get acquainted with the book * benefit * link given here. And as always disappointed. The book itself is nothing new you will not open. you can learn much more from the news, newspapers and the Internet. You can not understand patients anorexia or bulimia, and even look at the world through their eyes. No, healthy people of their logic does not understand. No wonder, these diseases are primarily related to the brain, self-hypnosis and the subconscious. And yet, something that this book will help us to find out. You can learn about the causes. Because Justine is not chasing fashion …

It was very accurate to say that in the book there is no theory. While I was reading, marveling naive girl, I have always had a question – is it really no one can enlighten her about irreversible changes in its organism of this disease? They tried to treat her, but none of it did not follow that. how to watch for sick people who are in power “is psychological” of their problems can not help themselves.

In general, after reading the accumulated a lot of personal. In anger bring these European careless parents who really do not know how to care for their children. From the book it follows that 90% of the blame for her illness lies with them. Yes, do not be surprised. This they call a girl fat cow, they stand apart from her family, she went to live in the basement, with the appearance of one more child, not paying attention to her when it was needed. But most of all I was struck by an epilogue where Justine already healthy interviewed all of the period of his illness. They wanted to get rid of these loving parents from her. Anyway. We are waiting for it to die or it will be taken to the clinic, but would not drip on the brain with his obsessive-compulsive disorder

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One phrase in this book hooked me most -.

“Anorexia and bulimia arise from a lack of affection. “

“This morning I decided to stop eating” Review

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