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things fall apart culture essay Paper

TFA: Culture
Culture. The beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place. Why it matters? It should matter because it defines who you are today. Think about it, it’s your way of life and your beliefs. In things fall apart Chinua Achebe addresses the theme of culture in many ways. This matter addresses the basic idea of culture around the world. At the time of the book was written (1950’S) it takes place in southern Africa around the 1850’s and people around the world (Europeans) thought Africans were uncivilized and savages and needed to be pacified. In reality they had much of the same customs as much of the world and were perfectly find with their way of life. There were many events in the book that shows culture that you’ll most likely see in real life and where you live.
First, in the beginning of the story the main character named Okonkwo takes on an opponent from a rival village in wrestling. Their village takes pride in this sport and compete against rivals. Much like we do today at the Olympics. Okonkwo wins the match and is celebrated as the best wrestler at the time and becomes famous for beating his opponent. This is much like we have today, if are a good athlete you are given a social status above others.
Second, later on in the book there is an event where the main character Okonkwo offers things to a god in hope of something in return. Much after that OkonKwo does something bad and he fears a god for punishment. This is what we see a lot today because many of us look up to a greater being and usually offer things or ourselves in hope of something in return and fear when we do something bad there will be consequences.
I can relate when you say “who cares?”. I know this may not be important to you at the time but you have to realize that this theme was put in there for a reason so we would look at the book and analyze it and realize that this isn’t just some story about a village in Africa. This book shows the important…

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