Theory About Spending Behavior Of Students

Students all over the world spend in several different ways, but close market research on student spending indicates that there are several common patterns that can be seen. Spending habits in adolescents is changing drastically in the last few years, but that change is almost uniform in all the metros of the world. Commercialization has begun targeting students’ spending habits a very long time ago. IFIM Students Lifestyle and Spending Habits , 2009)

Essay Example on Theoretical Framework Of Budgeting

According to a study conducted by a bank and financial institution, youths fork over money to buy cellphone load, to play computer games at Internet cafes and to buy cigarettes and alcohol.

They also spend money on going out and on clothes and accessories. (TJ Manotoc, ABS-CBN News, 2010) Teens hang out and shop. Teens are active consumers in terms of the money they spend, as well as in the influence they wield in their families and on societal trends.

Despite being raised in a period of rapid change, they display a remarkable self-confidence in their judgment.

(Tempo, 2010) A lot of the number of students seem to wants what is the “in” trend, what people are doing or using “right now”. Most teens will usually have one or two sources of income, either allowance from their parents or a job. The answer to this question isn’t found by looking at the income of the family or social status, it’s more a way of living and rearing that the parents have given their children.

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Felipe, 2007) “Despite the Filipino teens’ having limited budget to spend, low price does not necessarily make any brand a shoo-in for their patronage,” explained Ming Barcelona, TNS Philippines Associate Research Director. “The TRU study reminds us the mindsets, preferences and purchasing habits of Filipino teens, whether on brand values, the latest product offerings, or on values and social issues should not be ignored,” added Gary de Ocampo, TNS Philippines Managing Director.

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Theory About Spending Behavior Of Students
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