Romantic Themes

Romantic Period Literary Analysis Paper Romantic Poetry was written around common themes; themes that are evident In each piece of work. Some of the themes found in romantic poetry are: using nature as an inspiration or a basis for direction, writing as the author experienced the event or location personally, and describing past events or civilizations to give a sense of aged poetry. The themes aren’t always clearly evident, some have to be rigorously deciphered through others.

The most clearly evident theme would be using “spots In time”.

In the poem Ode On A Grecian urn, the entire poem Is about an urn which ells a story of a past civilization, and the story has a lesson that remembering a past experience can be sweeter than living It. The past collocation Is referring to a spot In time In which times were better and the person who created the urn Is creating a way to remember and tell other people about a good time In the past.

He Isn’t talking about the past in general, but a singular event or moment.

Romantic Era Poetry Themes

Wealth the lesson It teaches, the writer isn’t saying that he believes your entire past is sweet to remember, but a single event is sweeter to remember than to live it. The poem Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Itinerant Abbey also clearly demonstrates this theme, and it is demonstrated in two different interpretations of the phrase “spots in Time”. The first way in which this poem demonstrates this theme would be how the author is talking of a physical place at a certain time.

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How the presence at this place at the time he is talking about, would have been a great time for someone. The other interpretation would be how this time, or spot, in author’s life is better to remember than the way he actually lived it. Within Commanding the entire poem is encapsulated thin the theme of using “spots in time” to give a sense of the ancient. A man speaks for a good deal of the poem in how he will live on forever with his possessions, and how time is not an enemy of his, which in his faded wisdom can be controlled and set as a servant of his memories.

Memories, which he believes only time will help to live, but contrary to his knowledge, the memories of him will fade sooner than he would have wished, much sooner. In the poem She Walks In Beauty, the writer has clearly demonstrated the theme of using personal experience. The author wrote about a lady that he had seen earlier in his life. A personal experience, In which he explains in great detail. The experience he Is talking about Is and will be fresh In his mind for a great deal of time.

The author also uses everyday objects to help appeal to the reader by making the girl and surrounding as familiar as possible. The objects are supposed to be familiar to all readers, as objects that are easy to picture mentally and to augment In the way that he describes. Lines Composed A Few Males Above Itinerant Abbey also host s a great example of the theme of personal experience. The writer at one time visited this abbey he Is describing. He uses his personal experience to more vividly describe the surroundings, even though he hasn’t been to the abbey In several years.

He gives descriptions that only personal experiences can foster. Experiences that the writer wishes to never forget, but he realizes that every day the memories start to become more and more vague. In the poems Kudus Nan Ana smallness, It Is nard, out possible to Tina evidence AT ten theme using nature as a guide. Commanding hides the theme behind many other of interpreting it. The poem is about how naturally his possessions could be immortal hill; he, himself or his image will quickly be forgotten. It is nature that creates this scenario of elapsed fading.

Kabul Khan has nature incorporated within it a little more evident than Commanding. In the poem there is a dome that symbolizes nature’s beauty and power. He, Coleridge calls this pleasure dome, a sunny dome with caves of ice. Sunny obviously standing for natures beauty, which can quickly fade, and the caves of ice which stand for natures power and harshness. The ice is a power and majestic object, which has great strength and power, two qualities that Coleridge was ring to emphasize through imagery and using nature as a guide.

She Walks in Beauty has the clearest and most evident use of the theme, nature as an inspiration. The poem is about a lady that the writer is obsessed with. The writer uses natural events and actual things as ways to compare her beauty. As in nature he said that like nature no lady is perfect, and she is as close to perfect that he has found. Nature is known to have it’s imperfections and impurities, She Walks in Beauty uses a clear example of this to explain a quite beautiful lady.

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