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The World Wide Cage Essay

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These days, the internet is the new asset device for the masses. It has changed the way we live in the public arena and the way individuals communicate with each other. As an ever-increasing number of individuals sign on the Internet, it has without a doubt changed the way individuals contemplate each other and our general surroundings. When we start to take a deeper insight at the ways it has changed society, we can unmistakably observe many ways of implementation into current life. There are many writers who describe the changes in their articles. One of these writers is Nicholas Carr. Nicholas Carr is an American writer whose publications and articles mainly focus on the developing technology economy and culture. One of his most famous publications is his book “Utopia is Creepy” where he talks about the influence and the effects of technology, the internet, on the modern society, through the description of “American techno-utopianism”.

In the 2016 Aeon’s paper, “The World Wide Cage”, Nicholas Carr contends about how society has started to overuse and rely too much on technology to the degree that it made them be imprisoned, without them knowing. Initially, Carr notices that he had taken up blogging in 2005 and he had named his own blog “Rough Type”. Also, Carr analyzed that blogging had been consolidated with news coverage, which without a doubt lost its appeal. Also, Carr remarks that the religion of technology is more prominent than alternate religions. Besides, technologists are the person who will lead us into the new universe of mechanical development, for example, Web 2.0. Thirdly, Carr looks at that the advancement of innovation is not showing the normal outcomes, rather it has made individuals exceptionally reliant and has brought on diversions in their lives. Besides, the idea behind the improvement of innovation for liberation is only a lie and that’s it. At long last, Carr states that political impedance has ma…

Wide Cage

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