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The World Overpopulation Paper

Giving a closer look at the different causes of overpopulation, the first reason is the increase of birth rate not only n one country, but it IS spreading all over the world, threatening the balance of world population due to the lack of sex education Literacy is another major issue in overpopulation, education plays a fundamental role in family planning and thus population growth, then due to the lack of education, world population is becoming bigger and bigger.

Moreover, immigration and emigration are the third specific reason for overpopulation. For example, a million legal migrants are coming into the USA every year, in addition to those who are migrating from the undeveloped south to the richer north.

In order o deal with overpopulation, we must suggest some beneficial solutions such as supporting education especially sex education which needs to be a mandatory subject in school, which must be followed by female education, since an education woman understands reproduction and can make decisions on her own behalf, she becomes knowledgeable about her contraceptive options, so she will recognize that for her family to live comfort fly, that number of children must not exceed the family’s resources.

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Another solution is that, population growth rate must be addressed in order to achieve population stabilization, which can be done by tax concessions. It is an effective method of controlling birth rates. It favors families with none or a limited number of children, for example a significant amount more than 50%-60% of the fund would be handed over to the couple upon the birth of the first child.

In addition, preventing illegal immigration may help in decreasing overpopulation. Overpopulation is a very serious and hard condition which must be stopped before it will cross 10 billion. Finally and in the light of the above information, can say that overpopulation certainly does need to be controlled before it gets even more out of hand.

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