The Witcher: The Last Wish Is a Collection of Short Stories by Andrzej Sapkowski

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The following sample essay tells about the collection of short stories “The Witcher. The Last Wish” by writer Andrzej Sapkowski in the fantasy genre. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

It is with these words begin those 1500 pages (12-m font single-spaced), which takes the whole “saga about the Witcher” on my computer (13 MB of disk space). On reading went Week (often distracted). However, with the works of this genre I have a conversation or short (all have Perumova about professions in all its guises, has been read for 3 days) or very short ( “Wolfhound” was thrown about on the 20th page).

I have to say – impressive saga Sapkowski and have done a lot within a given genre. It managed to create a very hraizmatichnyh and believable protagonists (and minor characters are very “picturesque”). It managed to create a “time and place” action: the world of “The Witcher” is holistic enough thought, riddled with internal connections. Failed greatly deviate from the laws of logic, therefore, in his world, and his characters, “believe”, and this is the main feature required for the success of fantasy works.

And most importantly -. Sapkowski managed to create a piece in one degree or another original . Plot moves that are built on the revaluation of (mainly moral) action heroes, are quite good. “Monsters” inspire respect and understanding, “noble motives” very often turn mean and selfish interest. Although, sometimes Sapkowski in his “moral metamorphosis” clearly goes too far. With half a dozen notorious villains, whom the place on the gallows (judging by their deeds) turn out to be “hurt children”, which came just cruel.

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No, in each case, all this is quite plausible and even logical, but a mass phenomenon frankly confused.

The world, “The Witcher” is pretty tough. And tough as the morally and physically – violence in the book enough. But at the same Sapkowski’s saga could not turn into a bloody mochilovo, the essence of which boils down to the killing of more and more “tough” rivals (although such an approach in the saga, of course, is). A feature of the saga is a very small number of happy moments and characters. The vast majority of the characters die, with varying degrees of severity over the world are constantly a threat of war hangs (or a war already in progress).

A few words about a love saga line. To inflame the passions of this line does not yield battle scenes. Romance, true enough, but so too it is – the world Sapkowski, have no place in it romance. The more valuable the separate “episodes” when among the blood and dirt grow true feelings … to be trampled boots cruelty and cynicism </ p>

“The Witcher” can really “feel the”:. Feel the atmosphere of the work, the way of thinking of the protagonist, suffering and pain all the characters. And the more valuable is the last thing that could Sapkowski: but he succeeded no less – to finish the saga. And for that he open the bow, as towards the end of all the logically justified “resources” the source of the world Sapkowski was exhausted: the dragons were, vampires were massive war were incredible magic was used, undefeated fighters defeated. On or connected parallel worlds, or refer to the “gods” (or both simultaneously). Sapkowski chose the first option and have already begun to take shape prospects for logical inconsistencies and unreliability of psychological, but the writer stopped in time. I very sincerely hope that “The Witcher” will remain in the form in which it is now. Now, it is certainly one of the best works in the genre.

Is not that right, Triss Merigold, the Fourteenth to the Hill?

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The Witcher: The Last Wish Is a Collection of Short Stories by Andrzej Sapkowski
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