The Sample Paper on the Wilding of America

Before we look at the entire word. Let’s break It down. The root of wilding is obviously wild. According to Dictionary. Com, wild is an adjective, an adverb and a noun and it has an idiom of run wild as follows: Run wild: a) to grow unchecked; b) to show lack of restraint or control. Now, by adding the “inning” does it become a whole new meaning, or is it right on course? Is tit way of life? Is it fulfillment of the American Dream? Is it criminal? Is it only Inflicted on Individuals?

Is It political? Does It happen In corporations? In churches? The answer: All the above.

Wilding holds no bars. It Is the extreme selfishness at best, a form of narcissism, with total disregard for individuals, communities, churches, parents, or even children. The term wilding was first introduced In 1989 after a rich, white woman, who was logging In Central Park, was attacked and raped by black teenage boys from the Inner city.

“According to the press reports, it was a term the youths themselves used to describe their behavior… ” (Drabber 2).

The term wilding was then associated with wealth, class, and race. It would soon take a shocking and not so subtle turn. Is It wilding If a husband of the same race and class kills his wife? Is this were ultimate selfishness kicks in? The Charles and Carol Stuart story answers these questions. On October 23, 1998, Just six months after the attack at Central Park, Charles and Carol Stuart, then 8 months pregnant, were walking to their car after attending a birthing class.

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They got In their car and minutes later Mrs.. Stuart was shot dead.

Charles Stuart proclaimed that It was a black man who had shot his wife. To corroborate his story, Charles Stuart went so far as to shoot himself in the stomach. Months later, the nation was stunned. The murderer, her husband. The motive, he had the American Dream to open a restaurant using the life Insurance money (Drabber 4). So now wilding Is compacted Into the family unit. The Stuart case kicked off what I call “Family unit Wilding. ” Let’s not forget that soon to follow were the Maddened brothers who were of a wealthy family.

They killed their parents and lived the high life they longed for until they were caught and convicted. Susan Smith. She was the white mother who took her children. Strapped them to the back seat of her car, and drove her car into a lake. Killing – drowning her win children. Why? Her rich boyfriend did not want children. (She also blamed this heinous act on a black man. ) Scott Peterson, he killed his pregnant wife, Lacy, in order to continue an affair he was having with Amber Frey. Locally, we have well known sportscaster Vince Marseille.

He disguised himself, wrote a “to do list” and killed his wife because she was divorcing him due to bigamy. “Family unit Wilding” has run amok. Although wilding was coined In America In 1989, Anthropologist Colic Turnbuckle experienced wilding first hand In 1964 when he lived among the k people of Uganda (Drabber 5). However, for the k, wilding was more of a form of survival. They would lie FIFO or melamine Ana teen would consoler anyone, even Tamely, won was SICK or malnourished as a threat or a waste of food.

The k all but partied when a family member would die because that would mean more food, etc. For them. They even went so far as to kill their own children, family members for food. Aside from violent wilding, we have corporate or economic wilding. We have the corporations of Merrill Lynch, Enron, and Martha Stewart, who all played the stock market at the expense of others to personally gain a profit. I am sure that if one looked hard enough they would discover that corporate wilding existed with the Rockefeller and even the Kennedy’s.

Now, recently, we have Bernard Maddox who admitted to defrauding clients for billions of dollars in a massive Opinion scheme in which he took new money from investors to pay off existing clients who wanted to cash out. Additionally, although it is relatively occurring at present, we have a national debate as to whether Alga has exercised wilding. Did they take money that rightfully belonged to the people of America in order to give 73 executives in their reparation a million dollar bonus or do these bonuses have merit? This story is still playing out and has yet to me seen.

I personally see corporate wilding through and through. The most gruesome type of corporate wilding appears in the companies that make a huge profit at the expense, not only of Americans, but of those from other countries who work practically as slaves. Of course, I am sure that there is no one in business to make others rich, but since when do American companies take so many Jobs away from Americans and out of the United States and give them to other countries at a seer expense. How is it these countries can do the work for so much less? We all know the answer to this and wonder how corporations allow it.

The three children of Sam Walton, deceased owner of Walter, were all named one of this year’s billionaires. How can they be so proud of that. They have made their fortune knowing that 17 year old girls and younger are living in slave like conditions working 20 hours a day to mass produce their products. These women and children for that matter are making pennies an hour, get a 40 minute lunch break and are allowed only two bathroom breaks. Heaven forbid they call out sick, they lose income already earned (Drabber 62). How much are their supervisors making?

The government tried to put an end to this by inspecting the factories, facilities, etc. , but all inspections were announced. Hence, why bother! Kudos to the companies that have discovered this was happening with their own products and put an end to it. Wilding has also nested a place in religion. Charles Drabber stated ” Wilding in the church is then, arguably, the most dangerous type” (Drabber 84). Does individualism overpower a belief or a message? We have Jimmy Swaggers and Jim Baker who admittedly preached about morals and values, yet had affairs with prostitutes nonetheless.

We have John J. Goanna who was one of many priests in Boston who molested children. Cardinal Bernard Law, a highly respected and valued member of the church, sealed his fate when he attempted to cover up the Boston molestations by transferring the priests to other archdioceses. Religious wilding and corporate wilding are very similar in these aspects. Hurricane Strain. What kind of wilding would one associate with this horrific, life canalling, analogical numerical? As tenure personal winning:’ survival winning? Government wilding? Economic wilding?

Media wilding? Yes, there was. First, let’s talk about the media wilding, my personal peeve. The national media made out like bandits and were chomping at the bit regarding this hurricane. They showed stories of people dying, hurting, starving, stealing, shooting, and trying to get out. They were here, they got in. Were they going after ratings at the expense of people lives? Why didn’t they bring in any food, water, tents, first aid kits? They got in to do the stories. Why couldn’t they help people out? The media showed what they wanted you to see.

Chaos! Anderson Cooper was right there in the thick of it watching old women struggle to get up a bridge. Why didn’t he put his microphone down to go assist? Why didn’t the cameraman? The media did not show survival wilding and that the majority of people “looting” were doing so to survive. They showed people walking out with televisions, tennis shoes and guns. What about the people walking out with food, and water and sharing that with other? They showed police shooting, arresting, and even occasionally sleeping in high rise garages.

What about showing the police and military who were working for over 48 hours straight who were exhausted, had not eaten in days and were still walking through infested water to save people? All sorts of wilding was present during and far after Hurricane Strain. There were helicopter pilots who were being shot at. There were nursing homes that did not evacuate the members, all died. There were gas and other price gouging prevalent all over the southeast United States. There were faulty and negligent insurance claims made. There was lack of government support.

Contractors contracting to do house repairs, getting paid, not doing the work and skipping town. There were people charging to do work that other volunteers would do for free. Wilding during and after Hurricane Strain was rampant to say the least. Student wilding also has been going for years and years. Although it seems to be more prevalent now then ever more so due to advances in technology. There are essays that are for sale on the internet or even on the campus. There are codes that can be formed during tests. There are discs being sold with answers on them.

There re sales of the professors study guides with tests in them. If one looks hard enough, a cheat sheet or quick fix are out there. Who does this benefit though? Yes it might get you that A you are looking for, but on the flip side it does absolutely nothing to help you in the future. So you get an A in this class, and then take the requisite class and have no clue what the professor is talking about. The only people benefiting from this are the ones making the buck. There are even books on how to cheat. The author of these books sees nothing wrong with it claims its his First Amendment eight (Drabber 50).

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