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“The Wii and other mystical story” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The Wii and other mystical story”

Instead of an epigraph:

The review even a collection of works of the classical writing is impossible, because his work is so holistic that writing about one obliged you write about other

So I write a whole of him.) < / p>

it so happens that my grandma and grandpa live in a small village in the east of Ukraine.

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it so happened that during his school years I vacation spent in the village, and even now prefer to drive it there ., when the free fall output

it so happened that my family lives on the principle of Erasmus: “My homeland there de my library. ” That is, we have a lot of books. And a lot of Gogol among these books:)

On the village I was really lucky. This, of course, is not Poltava, but “silent Ukrainian night” there as well as in Gogol. The same huge stars such as vociferous nightingales, the same mysterious noises.

Just imagine.

Summer Night. You are in the big house all alone. Since no air conditioning, all doors and windows wide open. It is worn around the house as light as a butterfly’s wings, a breeze. In the farthest room lit only by a table lamp by which you sit and read the “Via” .. or “Sorochintsy Fair”.

Or winter. Christmas soon. House just froze and a break from the bustle of predpraznichnoy. On the street – just obzhygayuschy freezing wind! And you in the comfort and warmth, listening as the rustle embers in the stove and cracked wood in the hands of “The Night Before Christmas.” And smells delicious:. Strong tea and linden honey

As in this obstavnovke not like Gogol

How not to fall in love with it, the code you have to shake in a filthy train for several hours in the heat, or? feeling cold, and in the window the monotonous landscape, while Nikolai books real extravaganza, with loved ones, family members who feel just the skin, and only he, Gogol, and can save you from this forced boredom?

I I think that people in principle, there should be no doubt: to read or not to read Gogol

it’s obvious that you need Chitat. – all !

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