Virunga Movie Summary

The subject I chose for my research paper in the Virunga National Park. The National park is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ( DRC ) which is located in Africa. The Virunga National Park day of the month of lettering is 1979 and was added to the endangered list in 1994. The Congo has serious economical and poverty issues. The issues that I am concerned and interested in are the mountain gorillas that inhabit the Virunga National Park. The chief issue I will be researching is the poaching of 1000s of the mountain gorillas that have been protected in the preservation.

Since the Rwandan war broke out in 1994 the province of the DRC has suffered. Harmonizing to one estimation published in 2003 the war may straight and indirectly have caused the deceases of over 4 million people in DR Congo since 1996. As has become progressively common in Africa the victims were about all civilians. Because of the desolation left behind from the war the Congolese people have had to fall back to any agencies to last.

some have resorted to poaching the mountain gorillas for net income. My research paper will research the preservation of the Virunga National Park and the advancement the park has accomplished therefore far.

The Mining Company I work for is presently get downing a major excavation undertaking in the Congo. I have many co-workers and shut friends that have been asked to travel to the Congo and get down up the new mine. My neighbour has lived at that place now for approximately 8 months and has told me many narratives of her escapades.

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All of these narratives has peaked my involvement in larning more about the Congo.

Virunga Movie Summary


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