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The Unhealthy Hospital Case Study Essay Essay

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Paper type: Case study

For a health care set up it is really much of import to keep the fiscal system in balance so that the clients and the stakeholder’s involvements are good accompanied. In a clients point of position one looks for the best service and the consequences possible from a infirmary and on the other manus the stakeholders look for the best possible net income they can derive from the concern. This is the point where a competent infirmary or a healthcare director comes into image. In this instance the health care set up is traveling through a unsmooth phase where in an increasing cost of health care installations like the equipments. pharmaceuticss etc is indirectly impacting on the quality of attention provided in the infirmary which is finally conveying down the one-year gross each twelvemonth. A budget of 70million dollar has to be approved and there are a batch of issues to be considered

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For starting motors

After careful rating the whole edifice has to be renovated at least to do it look a little more aesthetic and acceptable. so that the patient is comfy with the infinite and the installation provided. The leaking pipes cramped infinite and the expression of the health care set up will hold a direct impact on the clients. Since the fiscal wellness of the infirmary is deteriorating. upheaval is necessary. At present the demands from the wellness work force sing the enlargement of the neonatal ward. a new operating theatre for the section of surgery an MRI machine for the radiology section is non an option to see. For the exigency section a full clip physician seems to be an of import issue which needs to be attended at
the earliest.

The infirmary is already running in a loss so high tech services might be a bad option to see at this point of clip.

The clinics in suburbs were of great aid for people of low income community. So the city manager of the metropolis had a really good hope and relation with the infirmary and he helped them in acquiring financess from the council. This was an duty to wholly shut down the clinics. There is a political force per unit area involved. But the state of affairs is out of manus and may be its better to close down some subdivisions which are non making good or which has a really negligible patient influx. This would assist in cutting down some disbursals.

Introducing a coach service is an unneeded disbursal at present state of affairs so that’s once more non an option to be considered. DR. Susan Russel’s suggestion is just but sing the study of the clinics so far with worsening figure of patients. it seems to be an expensive suggestion

Dean Pellegrini suggestion is really interesting and really much worth holding a expression at. Harmonizing to his 1st option- Traveling the infirmary to a good vicinity which has possible clients with wellness insurance would alter the present fiscal state of affairs of the infirmary. He besides suggests that the present infirmary should be converted into a mini infirmary with merely the basic demand and services. This manner both the intents will be served. He seems to be reasonably reasonable in proposing that subsequently on depending on the state of affairs the old infirmary can be turned into a nursing place or any specialised services could be added. It would be really good. The 2nd option what he has suggested is more acceptable to the society but really much of a job to the board since it is non at all a profitable option. but this option would maintain the infirmaries mission and the really ground of the infirmaries existence alive. which is to function the community in demand who could non have a good attention else where. but by making so it would wholly destruct the infirmaries gross twelvemonth after a twelvemonth.

Ellen Schall suggestions are besides considerable and acceptable.
affecting all the related people to have the duty of the infirmary success. This will decidedly take to a really good determination and will assist in acquiring a better solutions. The public public assistance organisations. the authorities or a council member. pharmaceutical companies. insurance companies are besides of import here. Making them all sit together and discoursing the jobs would take to a much better and acceptable solution.

The concern community. protagonisms. private and public bureaus might besides be involved in meetings. By making so. a broader sense of the jobs could be projected and geting at the solution can be made easy. May be this might open up a opportunity for a fiscal. political. professional assistance to the infirmary. The companies might be willing to give more price reductions on the merchandises such as pharmaceuticss. surgical equipments on a contract footing. The populace or the private organisations. concern community people might be willing to offer a fiscal assistance. councilor the authorities might believe of some alterations in wellness policy etc.

This will be a good option overall

Kieth degree Fahrenheit safian had a different position towards the job.

Harmonizing to him shuting the clinic would give a serious blow to the community it serves. which is an perfectly a fact. All he meant was that it will give a negative feeling on the infirmary and this will in bend reflect severely on the Hospital cut downing its one-year gross even more. Having a strong and good relationship with the authorities. co-workers and the community it serves is to be given an equal precedence. He is true in stating that Blake’s Memorial will ne’er be able to vie with St. Barnabas since their motivation is wholly different from that of the Blakes Memorial infirmary.

Concentrating more on the clinics would give Blake’s Memorial a big coverage on the low and in-between income community to acquire more inpatient referrals win the assurance. better the relationship and the monopoly over the service it provides to these communities.

An effectual rating of the clinics productiveness and the necessary alterations depending on the clinics public presentation is indispensable. He adds that “One should see the long term ends against the short term constraints” .

Jane Delgado concentrates on 3 things in the remarks which looks really utile

The 1st one is the apprehension of whom the infirmary will function. The 2nd one is to alter how the clinic work without any unreasonable costs and the 3rd and last 1 is to develop more trim analysis of the hospital’s operations. He besides says that we should concentrate on the community it serves. The market and mission of the Blake’s Memorial and the St. Barnabas are wholly different so there is no inquiry of viing with the Numberss and figures with each other. The attack should be independent. Harmonizing to him Dr. Susan Russel’s suggestion were good and provinces that regardless of the income and the geographics infirmary should see making locally based preventative health care centres which is politically right and financially moneymaking. He besides states that Blake’s infirmary should supply “High Touch” attention and non “High Tech” attention.

Clinics should be considered as an extension of the infirmary and non like an extremity which means it should be like a concerted support system to the infirmary and non like a peripheral cost centres which drains resources from the infirmary. He says these clinics must be like a point of entry to the patients. one time they enter to the clinic system Blake should supply them with the necessary basic intervention and the modus operandi follow up and those who need particular attention or high tech installations with advanced engineerings. should be referred to the St Barnabas. This will hold a positive impact on the clients towards the infirmary. An analysis of the demand of the employees should be made and the necessary cuts along with it. If needed alterations should be made strategically to keep a good quality of attention. The loss of staff because of the alterations is inevitable. One should believe about the long term net income in such instance.

Barnard Lachner states that there should be a meeting that should be conducted with Clara Bryant and Richard Tuttle or any other representative from St. Barnabas infirmary who is a bit more sympathetic towards the low income community. the meeting should put a land for low income community healthcare so that the duty shifts a spot on the authorities shoulders excessively. He besides states that it is the authorities which is responsible for the present state of affairs of the health care system. It is the wellness attention policies which are doing all the alterations and the infirmaries are paying the results of it.


There are few of import stairss to be followed for determination devising in high speed environment. 1st one is to Use as much information available as possible. 2nd one is to develop all possible options. 3rd one is to utilize the advice of all possible counsellors and maintain the options open. 4th one is to decide the struggles utilizing the consensus from all the related members who are involved in the struggles and the last 1 is to do an effort on geting at a strategic determination with tactical programs. Eisenhardts ( 1989 )

Harmonizing to my sentiment Jane Delgado’s attack seems to be really effectual and honoring. the remarks made by him attends all the degrees of the Blake’s wellness attention system ie the function of the infirmary in functioning the community. the function of the clinic and its importance and about the operation of the health care. Of class Ellen Schall’s suggestions are non to be ignored. affecting as many people in the meeting will decidedly assist in geting a better solution as mentioned above.

I would propose naming a meeting affecting the stakeholders ( board ) . Private and public organisations. concern community. council or the authorities. pharmaceutical companies. protagonisms. insurance companies etc and discuss the jobs in item with them. Make certain to inform them about the mission of Blake’s Memorial. A corporate head is different from an single head since it belongs to a form of interconnected activities
among a group of people. This impression has been used to depict professional civilization in an organisation ( Bloor & A ; Dawson 1994 ) the groups like this drama a cardinal function in determination devising. The multidisciplinary squad work has been a tendency in modern health care systems and is proven good for the organisations. The squad can spread out the function of an employee beyond the normal function and affect him or her in major developments of an organisation. ( Janice Lewis Duncan Boldy ) This meeting will decidedly take us to something good and utile way. Sing the clinics

As Jane Delgado mentioned we must see it as a portion of the system which cooperates and provides us an inpatient service non as an excess extremity. By doing the patients comfy and handling them with attention will develop a good relationship with the neighbouring community and will ensue in a good patient influx.

Renovate the clinics and spread out where it is necessary. measure the studies of Dr. Susan Russel and continue with the redevelopment and enlargement where it is needed. This manner the mission of the Blake’s Memorial will be served and it will be accepted by all the communities and politicians. This will take to a long term net income.

There is no demand to spread out or widen the services in the present infirmary as of now because of the present state of affairs. This can be done in ulterior phases when there is a demand. A careful rating of the client influx and the demands of the staffs to handle them should be done. The extra staff should be terminated to cut down the cost. This determination might take to conflict and the work force dissatisfaction in the beginning. but disregarding it is really much necessary since this measure will be good for the long tally.


Bloor G. Dawson 1994 Understanding professional civilization in organisational context organisation surveies 15 ( 2 ) :275-95

Eisenhardt K. Zabracki M 1992 Strategic decision- doing Strategic direction Journal 32 ( winter ) :17-37

Eisenhardt. K. M. 1989. “ Making Fast determinations in High-Velocity Environments. ” Academy od Management Journal 32 ( 3 ) : 543-76.

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