Tourism In Mauritius Essay

Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean it is a dream finish with tropical clime and a dream nature. For the past few old ages Mauritius has brought drastic alterations in the economic system and promotion of the state. Mauritius offers a figure of attractive forces to tourist in footings of a broad assortment of hotels, eating houses, accessibility, striking beaches and profusion in civilization. The economic growing of Mauritius has been the consequence of the expansion of the overplus luxury touristry industry.

The touristry sector in Mauritius is playing a critical function in giving its part in the enlargement of domestic industries. There is a great manus of this sector in the advancement of the substructure and in pulling foreign investing and simplifying the transportation of engineering. Many travellers come to Mauritius to pass their clip for relaxation, medical intent, for its beautiful locations and for concern conference. The hereafter of Mauritius is that the touristry industry will lend progressively to the national economic system.

New tourist-related occupations, specializers and tourer services will emerge. Hotel installations will spread out and the figure of visitants will lift up. Furthermore, the will to maintain quality at its highest degree will be unshakeable. This is besides what will do the Mauritanian finish stand out from others.

Background to the Job

Significance of the Survey Mauritius Tourism Industry

This thesis can be of great aid to the people affecting in the procedure of advancing Mauritius as a tourer finish. Through this they will be able to cognize whether a state like Mauritius need to be innovate to a great extent in order to increase the degree of tourer.

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The MTPA and other related organisation can acquire an thought of what selling schemes can be used and what can be done to do Mauritius a alone finish comparison to other tourer finishs

Purposes of the Survey

Purposes: This survey explores new constructs of selling direction patterns to animate the image of the touristry sector by advancing Mauritius as a tourer finish.

Aims of the Survey


  • To research cardinal marketing constructs such as SWOT analysis, branding, new promotional activities.
  • To understand the function of selling and the forces used to advance touristry finish and the factors drawing tourers to Mauritius.
  • To assist in diversifying the types of touristry.
  • To assist n diversifying the touristry resources
  • To assist in re-engineering the touristry sector in Mauritius.
  • To analyse the existent tourer arrival tendency of tourers to Mauritius.
  • To place the function of the MTPA in advancing Mauritius as a tourer finish.
  • To cognize the part of AHRIM ( Association des Hoteliers ET Restaurant de L’ile Maurice ) .
  • To cognize about the map of circuit operators in advancing Mauritius as a tourer finish.

Problem statement

The touristry sector is considered to be the pillar of Mauritius and therefore great attempts should be carried out to keep the stableness of this sector in the touristry market. One has to continuously reexamine and measure from all foreparts, both internal and external, factors that are endangering its really survival. There is an intense competition in the international touristry industry. It is a great affair of concern for the authorities and organisation in Mauritius to keep the image of the touristry sector of Mauritius. This is so because internationally everyone is acquiring involved in implementing different selling schemes to pull the most figure of tourers. However, in an of all time altering universe, nutriment is a uninterrupted conflict. Mauritius has to transport on diversifying its economic scheme, particularly in this tough competitory universe market place.

Whenever there is a conversation on touristry one have a inclination to believe of largely immense classy hotels and topographic points of beautiful sceneries, like of Casella, Crocodile Park and bagatelle. But touristry is a really huge all permeant commercialism touching about every pace of our daily private and public life ; to merely call a few, such as air travels, travel agency/tour operators, conveyances, eating houses, topographic points of attractive forces and fast nutrient. The list is practically eternal. The influence this can hold upon the support of those straight or indirectly involved is indefinable in the aftermath of possible tourer diminution, least to state upon the full state. That is why the demand to market touristry as a tourer finish is really of import as this will assist to increase the degree of tourer in Mauritius.

To keep in the long tally of being a successful finish, a new image should be proposed and more difficult work should be done by the, authorities, MTPA, NTPA, AHRIM to mensurate the accomplishment of their selling schemes used in advancing Mauritius as a tourer finish.

Format of the Survey

Chapter 1 It consist of the debut of touristry sector in Mauritius, the ground and usage of carry oning this besides province the job statement, purposes and aims of the survey, a reappraisal about Mauritius, and rational behind the survey.

Chapter 2 consists of the literature lay accent on the assorted promotional tools that push visitants to come to a tells us about the selling schemes, finish selling, finish stigmatization.

Chapter 3 it presents the research methodological analysis which describes what trying methods have been used, how informations have been collected from the circuit operator and organize the MTPA, how the questionnaires design was and what are the jobs that have occurred to roll up these informations? .

Chapter 4 nowadayss all the analysis and treatment.

Chapter 5 is a decision about the survey and it deals with all the recommendations.


A short paragraph that rounds off this chapter and prepares the reader for the following chapter.

Note: Use a lower limit of 8 beginnings to compose this chapter. Ensure that the focal point is on MANAGEMENT.

Title: Re-creating the image of the touristry sector in advancing Mauritius as a tourer finish.

Literature Review


The aim of this chapter is to analyze the existent tourer ‘s tendency in Mauritius and to research the importance of marketing construct to market Mauritius as a tourer finish. It is besides to look into whether appropriate publicity efforts are being carried out by the MTPA and the circuit operators to animate the image of the touristry sector of Mauritius.

The literature reappraisal will analyze the undermentioned points:

  • What is touristry?
  • Definitions and functions of the MTPA
  • The construct of selling
  • Importance of selling
  • Selling schemes
  • Marketing mix
  • Tourism selling
  • Finish selling
  • Branding and the importance of branding
  • Finish stigmatization
  • Destination image
  • The functions of finish direction organisations ( tour operators )

What is Touristry?

In 1941, Hunziker and Krapf defined touristry as people who travel “ the amount of the phenomena and relationships arises from the travel and stay of non-residents in so far as they do non take to lasting abode and are non connected with any earning activity. ”

That is a tourer is person who do non come to a state to work. He or she is non here to populate for good.

In 1976, the Tourism Society of England ‘s definition was: “ Tourism is the impermanent, short-run motion of people to a finish outside their place state ” .

What I have understood through this is that a tourer is person who live their topographic points where they normally live and work and their behaviors throughout the stay at each finish. It comprises battles for all intents.

In 1981, the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism defined “ touristry in footings of peculiar activities selected by pick and undertaken outside the place. ”

By this the Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism means that touristry is plenty of activities done outside the place topographic point.

In 1994, the United Nations classified three signifiers of touristry in its Recommendations on Tourism Statisticss:

  • Domestic touristry is people of the known state going merely inside the state.
  • Inbound touristry means non-residents going in the given state.
  • Outbound touristry is those occupants who travel in a new state.
  • The functions of finish direction constitutions
  • Definition of the MTPA
  • The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.

The name itself speaks a batch. They are here to market the touristry sector of Mauritius. They are involve in germinating selling schemes, they do promotion run of legion finish in consist in the creative activity of booklets, booklets, and assorted promotional events.

Tourism Marketing Promotion and the Role of National Tourism Promotion Agencies/Organizations ( NTPAs )

Notionally touristry run attempts ( in footings of attending in route shows, selling, promotion and trade name name among others ) mark chiefly at publicising every bit much facts as possible about a finish and its appeals in a spell to do it better known in the of all time increasing competitory international touristry market.

Besides, tourers now know more about assorted sceneries and touristry merchandises, so there is a force per unit area on the promotional bureaus to supply greater degree of information pertaining to services offered ( including hotel ) , activities, singularity of the finish and civilization among others.

The Circuit Operators

Mauritius Tour Operators offer striking travel bundles inclusive of travelling, adjustment and rubber-necking. Bing a cardinal portion of the Mauritius Tourss, the circuit operators deliver a elaborate penetration into the attraction of the island. Tour Operators of Mauritius besides offer bespoke bundles particularly appropriate to the distinct and specific demands of the travellers.

  • some of the well-known circuit operators in Mauritius are as follows:
  • Mauri Travel
  • World Travel and Tours
  • Mauri Tours
  • White Sand
  • Macambo Tours

Apart from the Mauritius circuit operators there are farther travel operators besides who offer intriguing travel bundles from other states to the island.


Selling is considered so basic that it can non be a separate map. It is the whole concern from a separate map, it is the whole concern seen from the point of viewaˆ¦the success of a concern is non determined entirely by the merchandise but by the client. ( Peter Drucker )

Harmonizing to Kotler ( 1997 ), selling is classically perceived as the charge of doing, backing and transporting properties and services to clients and companies; it is demarcated as a common process by which persons and crowds gain what they need and want through constructing, suggesting and easy interchanging merchandises and services of importance with others.

Selling can besides be define as a societal and managerial procedure Y which persons and groups obtain what they need and what though making and interchanging merchandises and value with others. ( Kotler,1994 )

Peter Stimpson, 2005 defines marketing as the procedure of researching into and observing consumer demands and retaining suited monetary value, merchandise, and topographic point and publicity schemes in order to delight these demands productively.

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