The following sample essay on “The Technology of Email” analyzes the technology and service for sending and receiving electronic messages between users of a computer network

In today’s world, people of all ages are confronted with an increase in technology. The Internet is continually improving, and we use it every day with a whole range of devices, such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Even though technology has its disadvantages, it shows a quantity of positive characteristics. One of them is the communication system that has become much easier and quicker than it has ever been before.

E-mails are probably the tool that is the most used. However, we can ask ourselves about questions like “How do I write an e-mail?” “What level of language can I use?” or “For what purposes is it suggested to write emails?” The answer to this question is easy as pie: E-mails can be written for any situation, at any time, using the language register you consider appropriate.

A simple way to advertise an event or invite someone to a party is to send an e-mail to all your friends, contacts and customers. You will be able to include pictures and sounds, in other words, methods that will make your message diverting. It’s a way to advertise that is much more attractive and quicker than sending flyers and brochures which will probably end up in the receiver’s bin. I remember having invited all my family to a Christmas party, in which I mixed pictures of Christmas trees and a Christmas melody.

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The people that I invited loved this way of inviting people and even told me that they already felt like being at the party as they were reading my e-mail.

E-mails can also be used in the for job applications. It’s true that to apply for a job; you had better send a formal letter. However, when you want to get information about a particular workplace, sending e-mail is an effective way. Of course, the level of language must be as high as possible, and the overall form must be presentable. For instance, I had an experience in a workplace in which we had access to an e-mail inbox so that we could notify our coll.

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