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The Study of Mathematics Essay

Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity, structure, space and change. Keith Devlin once said, “The patterns and relationships studies by mathematicians occur everywhere in nature. Mathematics often allows us to see similarities between two phenomena that at first appear quite different. Thus, we can think of mathematics as a pair of conceptual spectacles that enable us to see what would otherwise be invisible.” Therefore, mathematics is not only a subject that appears in our textbook, but also the knowledge exist in almost every area of knowledge: the arts, music, science, etc. It maintains a relationship with these other areas of knowledge.

In the area of knowledge of math, there are pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Pure mathematics is the knowledge that has no direct practical applications, such as algebra, analysis, geometry, number theory, and topology. On the contrary, applied fields enable and enhance research in other areas of knowledge like scientific analysis, scientific computing, mathematical physics, information theory, etc. Janna Levin has said that “Abstract knowledge may seem to have nothing to do with any of us and yet has to with all of us.” With counting, locating and measuring that involved mathematics, human are able to navigate and place things in relation to one another and have units of measure include parts of the body, pots, baskets, string, coins, etc. In the area of natural science, biology, physics and chemistry are all based on mathematics. For biology, the number of pedals of a flower, the composition of human cells, chromosomes, quantitative genetics and membrane physiology are all measured by using mathematics. For Physics, the motion of the objects can be represented by mathematical equations and drawn by mathematical diagrams. For Chemistry, the study of the combination of different chemicals can never be done without mathematics. Thus, the development of our society and th…

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