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The Stress of Video Games and Sports Essay

Essay Topic:


Stress is a large part of the human life. Due to their changing in hormones, teenagers usually have the most to dealwith when it comes to stress. In this study, researchers will do a comparative study to understand the stress leves among teenagers who are competitive video gamers and those who are competitive football players.


Stress is any type of emotional and or mental strain in any given situation. Often, people consider some stress to be a good thing, however, stress in any form is bad. Among various age groups, teenagers experience a great amount of stress. To combat stress two popular activities, among teens, are playing video games and sports. However, given the invention of the internet, teens are now able to challenge anyone in the world. With the world at their fingertips, teenage gamers have become much more competitive during their sessions of game play. People have gone as far as to create worldwide video game competitions where the competitors have the opportunity to win lucrative prizes such as money and even sponsorships.The same can be said for sports. Specifically speaking, football is one of the most popular sports, especially among teenagers. Over the years its growing popularity has caused teens to aspire to become professional players and or obtain college scholarships based on their skills. Though many teens aspire to obtain these goals, many will fall short. These potential outcomes have caused a once casual game to become an incredibly competitive sport. Although Playing video games and football were once used to relax, they have now become two sources of stress among teens.Due to the high level of competition to become a professional in gaming or football I hypothesize that the stress experienced by teenage football players is greater to overcome when compared to the stress experienced by teen gamers.

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Stress can be considered anything psychologically or socio…

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