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“The Storm” Essay

Writing a fiction novel, I imagine, can be a very difficult task. It requires using different writing styles and an author with a great imagination. However, I believe the most important aspects in creating good fiction are strong characterization, and an engaging plot??”specifically the rising action stage. Well-developed characterization in any fiction can bring a whole book to life through description of looks, thoughts and feelings by making the factious seem real. A thought-provoking, action filled plot keeps me committed to the story and prepares me for a good ending.

As a reader, I need a story that will pull me along throughout the book with details containing meaningful ideas, dramatic events, and literature that will take me on a Journey beyond the unknown. The aspects of strong characterization and plot in storytelling are especially important because a good fiction book will allow me, being the reader, to stay engaged to the author’s thoughts and feelings. I want to be able to find out what is going to happen in the next scene, a story that is not going to cause me to ecome disinterested halfway through the reading, and yet a story that does not allow me to guess the obvious. There is a cosmic exuberance and a mystic contact with the elements in ‘The Storm” (Chopin 29). In the short story, Chopin brings out great detail in the characters by using both direct and indirect characterization along with an engaging plot. She is able to draw out the characters in the story with speech, thoughts and looks, allowing them to come to life. In one setting of the story, she writes “Her lips were as red and moist as pomegranate seed. Her white neck and a glimpse of her full, firm bosom disturbed him powerfully. (Chopin 271). This is a great example of strong characterization because the author uses technicalities which allow the reader to be able to construct a realistic image of what the character looks like, thus bringing vivacity into the story. The author is describing to the reader that the characters are a female and a male in a possible heated, maybe “sexual situation” (Koloski 18) by which the male character is aroused by her red lips and full bosom in which he cannot resist.

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The other important facet in good fiction is contained in the plot, but specifically where an author creates escalation of tension that will keep a reader turning pages and fully attentive. I feel a plot should be both structural and supportive while simultaneously bringing the whole story together. One good example the author also used in “The Storm” that exemplifies my second theory of what good fiction should be is the words she used to describe the intensity of the situation coming from the rising moments during the storm.

She writes “The ain beat softly upon the shingles, inviting them to drowsiness and sleep. But they dared not yield. ” (Chopin 272). The words the author used created an intensifying moment that could keep a reader enticed and wanting more. The methods used help describe the height of the moment, yet still not disclosing the obvious, almost as if showing the reader the bullet and leave them wondering where the gun is at. Another fervent moment used in “The Storm” was “The rain beat upon the low, shingled roof with a force and clatter that threatened to break an entrance and deluge them there. Chopin 271). This example brings suspense to the plot of the story by creating an antagonizing moment for both the reader and the characters. In summary, good Tlctlon to me means Delng aDle to Taorlcate actlons In a snort story or any fictional literature, from beginning to end and keep a reader guessing by using surprising, realistic plot twists while creating new twists. Although all stages of the plot in a book are important aspects, an intriguing plot may be the most important part in the novel.

As a reader I like to grow fond of my characters and have a good utcome for them so not knowing what is going to happen next and to keep me wondering how the story will end is exactly how good fiction in my opinion is created. Good fiction is being able to escape in the book, take the mind on a never before been on Journey and feel a personal connection with the situation and with the characters, yet forgetting the whole time that the story was invented from the world of the non-existent. “We need to create??”as she did??”new and distinctive ways of awakening, living, thinking, and growing” (Toth xix).

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