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“The spark of life” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The spark of life”

What remains in people choke in the fiery maelstrom of war

What remains of people who have taken away the hope, love -? And, in fact, even life itself

What is left for people who do not just nothing left? Just something – a spark of life. Weak, but – unquenchable. The spark of life that gives people the power to smile at death’s door. Spark of light – in darkness …

The action of the novel takes place in one of the concentration camps in Germany. On one side are the supporters of fascism, “pawn” of Hitler, on the other -. Concentration camp prisoners

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It is no accident Remarque describes the time of the end of the war, which as expected “skeletons”. Unfortunately, very few people get to see, feel life, freedom behind barbed wire.

The main character (although there are no secondary characters Remarque in fact) is the skeleton under the number 509. He is one of the first who came to the concentration camp Mellern. . More than 10 years

Martyrdom SS did their job: many of the prisoners have long ceased to feel like people, both physically and mentally. And Erich Maria Remarque often nazyvvaet their skeletons.

From the SS caught me Obersturmbannführer Neubauer. At first, he even liked me. Notable for humanity (as though it may sound funny), in contrast to other CC. But at the end of the book, it became clear that he – cowards. He was trying to get leniency, because war was drawing to an end.

Berger, Bucher, Ruth, Lebental, Ahasuerus, Levinsky, a boy Karel … Damn it, they all deserve to live, but five hundred and nine still more. But why? Remarque why kill him? Why? Each time to kill one of the main characters ..

“I do not want revenge, – whispered Rosen -. I want to get out of here toleo” .

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