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“The Sound and the Fury” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Sound and the Fury”

The life of man – the shadow walking, the actor for an hour, depicts the pride and suffering, to tell loony tale -. It is noisy and violent, and does not mean anything

Shakespeare “Macbeth”

Just want to say that, despite the epigraph, and even from the works of the Bard, no deep literary and philosophical thought, I’m not going to express, not grown yet. Just I want to share their impressions of the book, which was a completely new stage in my way in the literature. Despite the rather “no effect” volume (total 300 small pages), the product has become for me the language of PRschikov, this “bomb”. My friends, this book is striking in the degree of their impact on the reader! Before Faulkner because I “turning over” only one writer – Eugene O’Neill. I can confidently say that if Hitchcock – the father of suspense in the movie, the O’Neill and Faulkner -. It is suspense in the literature

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“The Sound and the Fury” – the story of the decline of the once rich and prosperous Compson family. The work is composed of 4 parts, the first three of which – the narration on behalf of the children of the family – loony Benjy, Quentin and romance of a negative character, Jason. Link to these narratives is Caddy’s sister, whose voice we do not hear, but one way or another is present in every episode of the novel. Read “The Sound and the Fury” is not easy: it is widely used stream of consciousness technique, ie, fragments of thoughts, words, and the absence of any sequence of events. At the end of the book even contains a table indicating the time of action in a particular episode (but from it, to be honest, a bit confusing). Yet, as you read more acutely being felt disaster sounds louder the noise, all the hotter the flame of rage. Hints, phrases, cut short, they are like a muffled fight there-Tamov, heralds the beginning of the battle. The fourth part – the story by the author. Here, it would seem, should all be clarified. But no, the fog again and innuendo. And yet (here it is – genius!), Closing the book, you feel like you shiver pierces. Frankly, I could not move for two days. Faulkner because leaves no hope. Next – the darkness and emptiness

Recommend this book difficult -. It has its own rhythm, just once in that possible to fully understand and feel the product. But if you managed to catch the rhythm, you can bet this book will be a long time to stand on your bookshelf.

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