"The Sorrows of Young Werther" Review

Essay on “The Sorrows of Young Werther”

I have to say – I’m not proud of what is written below, and do not believe their perception of the book proper. But I can not shove my opinion under the cabinet, and no one to show him ashamed, embarrassed how ugly things.

When reading this book, I made two mistakes. The first error is small, and it is that I read this novel in 27 years, and not 17. My second mistake a much more serious, literally fatal: I read the novel at the beginning of the XXI century, not at the end of XVIII (when he was written).

As a result, I was just crushed that sugary sugary rhetoric that struck me from the very first pages of the novel and the middle completely buried under its weight. Such amount of pompous, sublimely exalted (or pompous-sublimely pained) verbiage, I never read (and God willing will never read). The main feature of the protagonist is a metaphysical idiocy.

Metaphysical because everything and all he judged solely in terms of “high matters” (and describes all the relevant language), idiocy, because at the same time completely ignored reality. Throughout the novel I was just struck by the ability to choose the most Werther inappropriate course of conduct in relation to other people.

But what am I doing? The novel, after all, about love! And it is exactly about love? After all, what is happening in the inner world of Werther rather not be called love, and manic-depressive psychosis.

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And shoot it while in the depressive phase, and because he’s an idiot

I’ve been wondering what it would be like if fate turned to the hero of the other party – if Lotte had conceived him as an extraordinary passion and they were married? Will give imagination and imagine what would be waiting for their union:

1. their life would be incredibly boring. Werther belongs to Lotte, not as a living person, but as an icon, but to live with an icon rather boring. However, to live with a man who looks at you as an icon, even more boring.

2. they would forever remain strangers to each other. Understanding between people occurs not on a metaphysical level, and Werther no other levels of the universe does not recognize the principle.

3. they would be childless. It seems to me that the mere mention of the intimate organs Werther would simply fainted for about two hours.

So, very bleak, you see, you get the picture. That is why Goethe had first denied Werther in a “family happiness”, and then did shoot the poor, since no enlightenment in the brains of young Werther, alas, there was no

Summary:. Do not make you read the book of my errors … especially the second.

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