The Solitude Of Prime Numbers Review

The following sample essay on The Solitude Of Prime Numbers Review tells about book with an unusual story.

The author of this book theoretical physicist -. A specialist in elementary particle. “The Solitude of Prime Numbers” – his first experience as a writer. However, it is to my mind immediately able to something that other master of words are in vain for years – Paolo Giordano was able to write a book with an unusual story that leaves a mark on the soul of the reader.

So, what is this novel?

Of course, the loneliness. The fact that not every man is able to find his place in life. Moreover, the more you’re not like the other, the harder it is to do it. Very often, the world is hostile to such people. Of course, I will not generalize, the fate of all different, but often it is. We may be difficult to accept people different from the others.

This is what happened with Alice – lame, thin girl and Mattia – the guy with the deep psychological trauma due to the fact he was once a child enrolled with her twin sister.

Loneliness unites them, but is it enough, when the rest of the world can not understand them, even their own parents. Whether they can be happy in this world? Or, like, prime numbers, they may be near, but together they never be. Can the life violate the mathematical laws?

I read the book avidly. Very worried for the characters. I wanted so much that they still were happy, in spite of everything.

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