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Secret Life Of A Shopaholic Paper

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Paper type: Essay, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The Secret World Shopaholic”

It would seem, can be witty book that begins with a letter and invoice from the bank? But no, can

Meet Rebecca Blyumvud, young professional, writing articles about the finances of booklets funds – probably handy practice of students in writing essays and other works on abstruse subjects, in which they know nothing about.. But it does not interfere with getting a good score for abstracts))))) Rebecca too damn thing does not understand anything in economy and finance, but it feels like a fish in water, in the London stores. Selfless love shopping (well, as you can indulge in rassprodazhnyh jeans or buy 2 funds from Clarins for divine beauticians with probes – “lipstick from Clarins do not just hand out”) leads her to a financial collapse at the rate of one a personal budget. But the city is full of temptations, and banks so easy to produce a credit card – a sin not to use it! And Rebecca enjoys indulging in pleasant trifles, and then gets a nasty dry letter from the bank manager who, without reading it, throws it in the trash

Shopaholic Hacked

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No, honestly, she was trying to save -. But we know how difficult it is, whether to blame her that she could not hold out for a week.

on loans problems are growing like a snowball, but the heroine tries to ignore them, to get away from the problem, she runs from his “evil genius” – the bank’s financial expert, which should discuss the repayment of its debt. But you can not escape from problems, and once in her life bursts into a nightmare – her credit card void, exposing to ridicule in front of the store customers …

As Rebecca has solved this problem, I will not tell – spoil the impression of the book “. / p>

between shopping trips, and presentations with free champagne (but why would they go, just for the sake of champagne?) Rebecca romantic snip off a hefty sum. But if she was not Rebecca, if almost hacked to death at the root of almost began a relationship

In general, the book left a pleasant light impression and helped to rethink their attitude to spending -. This does sometimes need to be careful, in spite of marketers.

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