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“The second Eden” Review Paper

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Essay on “The second Eden”

The answer is simple: it is necessary to run urgently in previously purchased klaustrosferu, close biodveri, set the timer and hide it until better times. In any case, it is necessary to do so, if you book hero Ben Elton’s “Second Eden»

Humanity has long lost its sense of proportion, he was left with one wish -. Consume. The planet is practically ruined. However, the world’s largest business tycoon Plastic Tolstou thriving. All the environmental disaster it just at hand. He – the author klaustrosfery – seekers, which you can survive the approaching end of the world. However it may be, do not give up so early, and still have a chance to save the earth? This is what blows to the world’s largest green organization, which is headed by Jürgen mighty Thor. Ekoterroristka named Rosalie all the forces fighting against kaustrosfer. She, along with other green plants attacks on their manufacture, blasts already built ekoubezhischa …

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Meanwhile plasty Tolstou no time to pay attention to such trifles. He is busy with more important things. One of them – the promotion klaustrosfer market. A lot of them have already bought, the crisis has come. We need a new approach. And then in the fate Tolstou there anybody hitherto unknown British writer who first offers infomercial script, and then the film. However, working on the script, he had, without knowing it, is explained what is going on and pays for it with his life

There is in this story a place for Hollywood stars -. Actor Max Maximus, who was supposed to play in a film by Nathan scenario. And yet, the FBI agents, in particular minister of the law with a female named Judy – very ugly guy on earth. Also, some of his employees featured in the story, boss, wife of Nathan and other …

All of these lines are so closely intertwined in the course of the story together, they can easily confuse the reader. And this is the main drawback of the book. The impression that the author for some reason, was released on the scene a lot of actors, but not fully thought out their role. In addition, despite the extreme intricacy of the plot, the main intrigue was elementary, and unravel it, long before the end of the book, was not difficult.

However, despite all the shortcomings, the book I liked the most. doomsday scenario presented by Ben Elton seems quite real and, unfortunately, not so far away. What will happen in ten or twenty years, if we do not stop and do not try to save the planet? The book gives reason to think about the future, take a closer look to this E to assess the damage that we have inflicted on the planet. Perhaps all is not lost? …


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“The second Eden” Review

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