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1967 Referendum Essay Essay

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For 300 years Scotland stood alongside Wales, Northern Ireland and England to form the United Kingdom, however a recent referendum nearly saw a change to that. Alex Salmond (first minister and head of the Scottish National Party at the time) had decided that an independence referendum was required because he and his party believed that Scotland would reach its full potential as an independent nation. While the SNP party had their eyes set on independence, more than half of the Scottish public did not; this led to 55% no vote and a 45% yes vote meaning that Scotland would not become independent in 2014. In this essay I will explore some reasons why the public were for an independent Scotland, and some reasons why they were against it. I will also comment on whether or not I think Scotland was ready for independence.

One of the main reasons why 45% of voters voted yes was because they would like all the governing powers of Scotland to be controlled by Scotland. Being able to have people that Scotland voted for making big positive changes for Scotland, being able to entirely choose our own government. People thought that this was so crucial because geographically, economically and culturally Scotland and England are very different in many ways. In other words, choices made in Westminster on reserved powers that affect Scotland may not be as beneficial in Scotland as they are elsewhere in the uk, in fact sometimes they cause more problems financially for scots then they solve. One of the main reasons why the majority vote (55%) was no is that many believe that itwould benefit Scotland more to stay with the rest of the uk. some people believe that because of over three hundred years of being joined as nations, that we are too integrated to be torn apart, that it would break to many connections like a torn muscle and we are stronger as one nation.

Referendum Essay

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Another three reasons why People voted yes are; that nuclear weapons will be scrapped. Many …

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