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The following sample essay on Romantic Egoist Esthete and a snob, a professional advertiser and an ardent supporter of the Communists, Frédéric Beigbeder -. One of the most znametnyh figures in the literary world of modern France

I think that Frédéric Beigbeder is known to all. Even those who have not read it.

I have a friend, for which “99 francs” became a cult book. And there is a friend who at the sound of the name of the writer makes a facial expression of a man who ate the whole lime.

However, he turned out to be generally did not read it, only heard.

Beigbeder, of course, a terrible person … But removing their books inside reality, society, morality, bringing the reader up to shock and disgust he always leaves a small loophole, hint that there is something that will save the world. Let not the world, if only you, but there is. And this is something – a banal love.

However, there is one “but” until read this hint, you can manage to give up for good in this world:)

I read Beigbeder. There are books to which I was indifferent. There are books that I do not like. There is a book “Romantic idiot” …

“Notes on the nerves” … Of all the things we read in Beigbeder, this book is like the most. In each small puzzle of the pictures of his records, Beigbeder has time to make a joke or say something philosophical and intricate, but it does not always have time to sposhlit diary entries – this is clearly his style.

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At least, I read with pleasure and always wanted aloud to share with someone another successful quote

“My dream is to become a boomerang you throw, and you tell them -. Back in the face.”.

“it is impossible to communicate with people who hate, because in the end you begin to love them.”

“Baba and so abruptly us, but if they have, in addition, there is also a sense of humor, we generally cover . “

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