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Essay on “The Road”

Quite by accident stumbled upon the library to the rack with the magazine “Foreign Literature”. Touched a couple, among which turned out to be a room with a “Dear” McCarthy said. These things work longed to read for a long time, but it was a pity to spend money on a book and as now I understand nothing. . The book is standing

In general, when I heard about the film and the book, the first thought was: “Fallout on paper!”. I am a fan of the game, so it was doubly interesting to read. In the book, there is no super mutants and radiation, but the people who go along with the father and son on the same road, worse mutants (and even the raiders, probably)

While reading the question arose, I asked McCarthy. ” How can you write about something that is already there? The world does not exist. ” How? All around us, vanished. There was a handful of people, including “carrying the fire” may be on the fingers to count. The sea is not blue, the sun is not shining in the sky hovering ash. Man and son go back to where it should be warm. Go only to live.

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It’s hard to write a review, especially after watching the film, where there is no hope. Dad was alive just for the sake of his son, the son wants to go to my mother, but my father makes the child’s love life, whatever it may be. Many powerful moments in which humanity is manifested: 6 day fast or try human flesh? Do a good deed or pass by the dying man? The most important thing, to prepare her son to his death, so he went ahead and carried only a fire in my heart.

It is foolish to wait for clearance, while the world around day by day it only gets darker.

McCarthy writes specifically “dry” language in order to show the hopelessness of the situation of humanity, but personally I have emerged a week’s supply of tears for reading a book and watching the movie.

and there is no happy ending to this story is not. < p> I love this world and do not want it to perish! Yesterday was, and could not stop looking at the blue sky and flowering trees

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