The Rise Of Christianity Essay

Christianity is a faith that developed from within Judaism and in which there is belief in merely one God. Christianity spread easy but steadily in the Roman Empire.

The rise of Christianity was a powerful beginning. Teachings from Jesus, what Christianity had to offer, the persecution of Christians, and Constantine accepting Christianity were factors that led to the rise and success of Christianity.

Rome took control of the Judaic Kingdom in A.D. 6 and made it portion of the Roman Empire. A few Jews, nevertheless, believed that they would one time once more be freed. Many Jews believed that God would direct a savior known as the Messiah who would reconstruct the Judaic Kingdom. That Messiah was named Jesus Christ. Jesus was born sometime around 6-4 B.C. , in the town of Bethlehem in Judea. Jesus was a public curate ; many of Jesus ‘s instructions came from Judaic traditions. Jesus went from town to town and distribute his instructions and thoughts to people.

He ignored the fact of wealth and position and cared more that his instructions had a particular entreaty peculiarly to the hapless. Jesus taught people that God had a personal relationship with each human being. He taught that people should love God, their neighbours, their enemies, and even themselves. He said, “ Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth. ” Even though Jesus was going more popular, it was his decease and Resurrection that led people to believe that he was the Messiah. The Grecian word Christos means Messiah or savior and the word Christianity comes from the word “ Christ.

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The Rise Of Christianity

Christian religion spread because it embraced all people and gave hope to the powerless. Christianity offered a personal relationship with God. This particularly appealed to the hapless because there was no cost to follow the faith. With other faiths, people had to do forfeits to be portion of that faith. Forfeits cost money which the hapless could non afford. However, with Christianity, the hapless were able to follow their faith without giving up anything or paying for forfeits.

Christian religion was besides successful in distributing because it promised ageless life after decease. This appealed to many people. Other faiths promised merely as many old ages in the hereafter as a individual had lived. For illustration, if a individual lived for 70 old ages, they would merely acquire 70 old ages of goodness in his hereafter. In Christianity, it did non count how long you lived or the sort of life you led. God would forgive a individual ‘s wickednesss and he would still acquire illustriousness in his ageless hereafter.

Although Christianity was turning, the Roman Leaders became angry with Christians for non idolizing the Roman Gods. Christians refused to believe in any other Gods but their God. Roman swayers had more and more Christians persecuted as the Pax Romana crumbled. The swayers had the Christians exiled, imprisoned, and even executed for non believing in the Roman Gods. Some swayers even used the Christians as whipping boies. Regardless of the persecution of the followings, Christianity became a powerful force. Those people who were persecuted by the Romans were considered sufferer or people who were willing to give their lives for a belief or cause.

Constantine, the Roman Emperor, was contending three challengers for leading of Rome. Before the conflict, Constantine prayed for aid. He claimed that he saw an image of a cross, the symbol of Christianity. He so ordered craftsmans to paint the Christian symbol on his soldiers ‘ shields. Flavius valerius constantinus and his ground forces were winning in the conflict. Constantine so credited his success largely to the aid of the Christian God. Constantine now accepted Christianity, so he announced an terminal to the persecution of the Christians. He so wanted Christianity to be one of the faiths approved by the emperor. Christianity continued to turn strongly. Later Emperor Theodosius declared Christianity the official faith of the Empire.

Overall, the rise of Christianity was successful because it had so much to offer to people. There came good wagess that other faiths did non hold. It was free to follow Christianity ; other faiths made people sacrifice or wage. Since more Christians were persecuted, more people recognized what those people were contending for. The Christians were non traveling to allow some other swayers tell them what to believe and what non to believe. Even though Christians were persecuted for non idolizing the Roman Gods, those people sacrificed their lives to demo other people what their beliefs were and what their faith was. In the terminal, Christianity was successful because the emperor Theodosius made Christianity the Empire ‘s official faith.

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The Rise Of Christianity Essay
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