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“The Return of the Buddha. The ghost of Alexander Wolff” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Return of the Buddha. The ghost of Alexander Wolff”

What the author I discovered for myself!

opened book can either soar or crash immediately on the very philosopher’s stone-truths which the author throws handfuls of the reader. Have made it clear that his work will be to the liking of not all, but only the strongest, and the patient may be – will master the flight of thought

Gaito Gazdanov -. A controversial figure in Russian literature. Like the majority of émigré writers, he has not been evaluated by Soviet critics, it is understandable. But there is one detail explains it: creativity Gazdanov could not be understood by them, it is for the reason that the author simply ahead of its time

Inspired, shoveled a number of critical articles about Gadzanove.. Absurd comparison with Babel. Equivalent to over Fadeev and Pelevin. Attempt to write Gadzanova in fiction, too surprising, as he in any way does not meet the concepts of fiction that have formed us after reading Asimov, Zhelyazy, Heinlein, Harrison and successors of their traditions.

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So , Gazdanov not science fiction, it sometimes is difficult to work with obyasnimo definitely falls under the classification of mystical realism.

it is very difficult to explain what it’s like. Several Western critics compare it with Camus. But it seems to me that it’s not like anything. Specific advantages of the works I have read: artistic language reminiscent of classic works, unique, have forgotten the moral purity of his characters, a mix of different genres, which makes the reading interesting. In “The Return of the Buddha,” the author weaves elements of mysticism, dystopia (Central State), emigre weekdays and introduces a detective intrigue

«The Phantom of Alexander Wolf.” – the idea is amazing. For a long time I have not seen the works with the original swirling intrigue. Everything in this book talks about her “classicism” in the best sense of the word

To read:. Those who have passed through the “Game in beads” Camus “victim” Sartre “Nausea,” Marquez ‘One Hundred Years loneliness »

Do not read so: who scares colorful and broad, as well as a certain slowness in the story

a link to the works of the author – there are many of them:.

ps lika, thank you.

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