The following sample essay on  Racism of Chinese Immigration in Canada BY Hangnails The Racism of Chinese Immigration In Canada Nowadays, Chinese Immigrants are all over the world, and they work across various industries to serve the country and the public. However, not many can Imagine how difficult of a condition the Chinese immigrants were forced to live in In the late 19th century. The racism summarized in the television broadcast “Chinese immigration: Not welcome anymore” causes me to think deeply about humanity, especially why the Chinese immigrants were treated with inequality and abandoned after they served he country.

This will be made clear through the acts of injustice, prejudice, and demutualization revealed in the video. In 1880, the Canadian government brought thousands of Chinese laborers to build the Canada Pacific Railway. Those Chinese laborers were treated with inequality compared to the white men. When the railway was completed, the Canadian government used the head tax system to create difficulties for them to reunite with their families.

Racism Is first revealed In the Idea of Injustice that occurred when the Chinese workers only received half the wage of the white people. More specifically, the Canadian government treated the Chinese workers as cheap labor because they came from China. According to the television broadcast, Eve Savory says: “The Chinese were only welcome to do the job the white middle-class didn’t want. Their labor came cheap; they work for half a white man’s wage”. I cannot accept what the Canadian government did and it makes me feel indignant.

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Those Chinese workers came to Canada, a country that was thousands of miles away from their home country; they worked so hard to try their best to provide for their family so that they can live well at home.

How Were The Chinese Railroad Workers Treated

In my opinion, when people come alone to a new place that is far from home to earn money, they could bear any kind of suffering because family Is their stronghold to let them survive the ordeal. I met some Illegal immigrants when I worked as the technician In a computer shop. One of the guys worked In a farm and packed vegetables, and his manager only paid him $10 per hour, when he should have been paid at least $15 per hour If he held a work permit. He worked more than 60 hours a week and he soul wanted to work more to earn more money and send back to China for his parents, wife and son. Since he was an illegal resident of New Zealand, he could not argue anything with his boss. However, the Chinese immigrants in Canada at the time of the railway were hired by Canadian government to build the railway, but they were treated unfairly. Therefore, the injustice of the Chinese workers by the government reveals how racism prompted the Canadians to treat the workers poorly. Racism is also revealed in the demutualization that appears on the fact that one in ten of the Chinese workers ended up dying when the Canada Pacific Railway was complete. More explicitly, the Canadian government treated the Chinese workers as slaves.

They did not care about the health condition, the work environment or the safety. From the television broadcast, Eve Savory says:” Something Likes one In ten died due to malnutrition, exhaustion, calculate Ana murder”. I cannot unreason why the Canadian government was indifferent of those poor Chinese workers, and it makes me feel resentful. The Chinese workers worked at the west side of Canada Pacific Railway project, which is “Not only was the land in this area was mountainous and rocky, making the work difficult and dangerous, workers were often in short supply”. This frustrates me that the Chinese workers were doing the most dangerous and difficult Job without necessary supplies. I cannot see any difference between the Chinese workers and slaves, poor living environments and poor health conditions, and the fact that both workers routinely endured dangerous work environments and lacked any safety equipment. The Chinese workers may not have been in captivity by the Canadian government like the slave owners were in custody of the slaves, yet for all that, the Chinese workers were enslaved by the Canadian government. Therefore, the demutualization of the Chinese workers by the overspent reveals how it was influenced by racist ideas in their treatment of the immigrants. Racism is also exposed in the prejudice that occurs when the Chinese workers complete the Canada Pacific Railway. More categorically, “Even before the CPRM was completed, many among the white population feared that the unemployed Chinese workers would not only take Jobs away… By bringing their wives and children to settle in Canada.

According to the television broadcast, Eve Savory says: “So in 1923, Canada has past an extraordinarily racist law known as the Chinese exclusion act”. I cannot agree what the Canadian government did and it makes me feel sympathetic to chose Chinese workers. Before the “Chinese exclusion act”, they still have slightly chance to reunite with their families if they could save enough money to pay the head tax to the Canada government. However, the “Chinese exclusion acts” reject their hope completely. They never had any chance to bringing their wives and children to them and even may not have chance to see them again. This makes me remember there were has another group of Chinese workers suffering in same situation in New Zealand history. In comparison, the New Zealand overspent also have some relevant anti-Chinese laws to treat the Chinese immigrants. Such as poll tax, denied all the permanent residency requires from Chinese and stop Chinese to naturalization.

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