The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

As we progress into the twenty-first century, we take along one of the greatest icons of the previous century – the internet. When the internet came into existence in the late 1900s, it revolutionized the way we did things. Since then, some people have been saying that the internet does more harm than good. However, I beg to differ and in my opinion, the internet has brought about more good than harm.

Firstly, the internet has brought us a great amount of convenience.

It saves us a tremendous amount of time and effort. Where in the past, we would need to personally stand in line and waste an invaluable amount of time, now, the internet enables us to complete tasks in the comfort of one spot. We can make bank transactions in front of the computer and even order food from the internet instead of spending hours queueing up at a bank and a fast food restaurant respectively. We can do this anywhere, anytime.

Also, the amount of information that can be found on the internet is quite limitless. It also helps us save money. We can search for information on a whole myriad of things ranging from the recipe of an apple pie to instructions for learning French. We need not pay for a course on how to learn French or bake apple pies when there are many websites which can aid us in those.

Internet Pros And Cons Essay

Furthermore, the internet helps us save space. It is the bookshop, Global Positioning System, Yellow Pages, and encyclopedia, among other search mediums, all rolled into one.

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We need not own books and encyclopedias, piles of recipe books or thousands of gadgets anymore. The business section of the Yellow Pages is made redundant because all we need to do now is to type the name of the shop we are looking for, and all the information including a contact number will be available. All we need is access to the internet. Everything is online. It is not all rosy though. The internet does bring about some vices too.

Because of the multitude of information out there,…

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The Pros And Cons Of The Internet
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