The Problem With Horror Movies Today

In a world where the entertainment industry is at an all-time high with television and film mediums, with programs being demanded at such a high rate people have to rapidly make movies regularly. In the genre of Horror, industries nowadays only make a handful amount of good movies per year, while the rest of them in the majority of all of them turn out to be commercial failures, as well as unimaginative films in overall. For a genre where it is widely varied in film with so many sub-genres within itself, there should, at least, be more than just a handful of movies each year that are actually original and imaginative.

However, with studio interference into films and lack of pure creativity allowed in films, horror movies today are only meant to make a quick buck for the studio that funds them, since people today will see any horror movie that is pretty much in theater, and simple films will be cheaper to make.

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People today don’t come to grasp with what the genre is supposed to do to the audience. Many believe that all you need is just jump scares, and cliched situations with movies and that would make a perfect horror film, but when these types of films come out, people immediately hate them. The biggest part about this is that this issue isn’t just with all American-made horror films, but that it is a rampant occurrence throughout many different foreign films as well.

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As stated in the film journal Euro Horror: Classic European Horror Cinema in Contemporary American Culture, “From a present-day perspective, Euro horror is woefully dated. Beholden to the exploitation film market, its makers aggressively exploited once-popular narrative themes and filmmaking techniques in an attempt to increase its appeal at the box office.” Horror movies aren’t just supposed to scare someone for a brief second, or try and attempt fake-out scares the whole movie; they are meant to frighten and terrify the viewer to the point where the movie sticks with …

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