The Strong Will Survive The Weak Shall Perish

The phrase “the strong shall live and the weak shall die”

Evolution cannot be stated as just being a theory since with numerous evidences in the fossil records as well as comparisons within the animal kingdom evolution is widely accepted as a credible explanation for how the different animal species came to be.

All scientific fact including evolution is based of a theory which is an inference, an intelligent guess of sorts, which bases itself on data collected through scientific research to come up with a plausible explanation

  1. An inference is a way for scientists to help explain how certain things came to be through intelligent guess work as such it cannot be considered infallible but it is an effective means of explanation without committing findings as hard fact.

  2. Charles Darwin was an English scientist who theorized that all animals and species of life on this planet evolved from a common ancestor. That creatures evolved in a process of natural selection wherein animals who possess traits better suited for survival thrived while those who didn’t died off.

  3. The phrase “the strong shall live and the weak shall die” comes to mind when simplifying such a concept. The mystery of mysteries for Darwin was the origin of all species and her addressed it by creating the concepts of evolution and natural selection to explain it. Darwin idea of evolution was so revolutionary because it went against misconceptions at the time of how animals came to be.
  4. We know evolution happens to due to fossil records which show the gradual change of one species into its current incarnation an example of which would be the fossils of the Pakicetus, Basilosaurus and Sinonyx all of which show a gradual change of one species into today’s modern species of whale.

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  5. The work of Chris Schneider has shown that natural selection in different ecological zones have caused birds, notably the hummingbird in his study, to go down different evolutionary paths to adapt to the environment effectively creating new species in the process.
  6. Humans did evolve from a common ancestor to today’s chimpanzees, orangutans and gorilla’s. Through the work of David Page we have come that there is genetic proof of a common ancestral gene between human’s and chimpanzees however in his findings he states that the human Y chromosome has remained intact over the couple million years or so while the chimpanzee Y has in fact been losing genes over the last 10 million years which explains why they didn’t evolve like humans did.
  7. Evolution matters now because as humans continue to tamper with the natural world we also inadvertently cause the evolution of certain species which evolved due to human interference with their natural processes such as insects and rodents which have started to become more and more resistant to insecticides and poisons as well multi-drug resistant tuberculosis bacterial strains. There is a need to study how this happened and to prevent any unnatural interference which might cause damage to the natural world.
  8. Evolution is controversial because it goes directly against the origin of life of the Catholic faith which states that all life on Earth was created in seven days and that the current species of man derived from a fully evolved version of ourselves which today we know is false since human kind went through gradual phases of evolution instead of just merely popping out of the ground.

The Weak Will Perish

Evolution can be compatible with religious faith so long as those who believe in their own respective religions do not take the concept of creation stated in their religious text as literal fact rather it could be interpreted as man’s way of explaining his origins in the only way he could.


From what I learned on the topic of extinction I have realized that extinction is an inevitability for a species that can no longer adapt to an environment that has drastically changed. Also extinction doesn’t just come about through means of natural selection rather it can also come about due to the actions of man which interferes in the natural order of the environment causing the extinction of numerous species.


On the topic of change, I have come to realize that change only happens when there is sufficient reason for it. If the environment a species currently lives in starts to slowly change the numerous species living in it have to adapt and change as well in order to survive and thrive in this new habitat otherwise they face extinction. Change is an inevitable process and whether we know it or not humans are also gradually changing as well.


From what I learned survival can be surmised in one phrase “survival of the fittest”. That in the animal world it is only the animals that have sufficiently evolved to have the best possible evolutionary characteristics to survive that can thrive while those who remain the same will die off leaving only those fit to live. It is rather fatalistic but it is a fact of life.

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The Strong Will Survive The Weak Shall Perish
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