Jane Ere was an exceptionally strong, intelligent, and independent woman for her time. She was extremely well educated and worked hard to become more so by studying on her own and teaching herself by reading books. She stood up for herself and what she believed in and always spoke her mind. She always did what she believed in even if that meant having to leave the men she loved. She willfully dragged herself through hell and back Just to uphold her values.

Very few women who lived during the Victorian Age could do what she did. Jane Ere proposed the

Idea of being sent to a boarding school and works extremely hard at Elwood despite unhealthy mental and physical living conditions. She was so educated that she went on to become a teacher and private governess. During her free time Jane read many books to further her learning. She proceeded to also teach herself German. This showed how much she valued education not Just marrying Into a rich family and being a lady Like most woman of the Victorian age.

She always learned things quickly because she always tried her hardest. Because Jane Ere was so well educated she always spoke her mind.

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She never hid her feelings or tried to cover up what she was thinking. If someone asked what she thought she said the exact truth, such as when Mr.. Rochester asked if she thought he was handsome “l should, if I had deliberated, have replied to this question by something conventionally vague and polite; but the answer somehow slipped from my tongue before I was aware–“No, sir.

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” Even though she ran the risk of insulting her employer she’d rather tell the truth then lie. She had real, intelligent opinions about matters and made sure others knew them on a umber of times such as when talking to SST.

John about Ms. Oliver. When they were discussing the picture Jane had painted of her, Jane said, “As far as I can see, it would be wiser and more Judicious if you were to take to yourself the original at once. ” Many people respected this aspect of her personality. She had values that she always made sure to uphold and one of those was not to lie about what you were thinking and how you felt. Two other values of Cane’s were only to marry someone for love, and not to stay with a married man. The reason she would not marry SST.

John was because he didn’t and couldn’t love her. The only reason he wanted to marry her was because he wanted to take her to India to work with her doing charity work. He thought that taking a young unmarried woman with him would be unacceptable but really wanted Jane to come with him. He felt the only way to get around this was to marry her. To him it was only business, but Jane could only marry for love. Although Jane loved Mr.. Rochester she couldn’t marry him because of the third value, not to stay with a married man. She loved Mr..

Rochester very much, more then anyone else, but until the end of the book when his wife dies she refuses to stay with him, Many women in the Victorian age would never give up the love of a wealthy man, especially one as rich as Mr.. Rochester. But Jane, as difficult as It was for her, walked away and started over. This took tremendous courage and strength on her part. To walk away from a person you love and who loves you Is one of the most difficult things for anyone to do. Jane stuck to her values to the very end. This also takes extreme strength.

Jane Ere was a woman won possessed strong morals Ana values Ana always stuck to what she believed in. She passed up two marriages to do what she thought was right. Most women during the Victorian Age lived to be married. She made sure she was as educated as she could be and was always open to learning new things. She always spoke her mind and never hid what she was feeling. She displayed wonderful personality traits that were uncommon for women of her time period and more resembled a present day female. She was independent and truly her own woman.

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