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The Pact Three Doctors Essay

The Pact Book Review

Plot Summary

The Pact is the story of three young men who made a promise to each other that they would go to college and succeed in life. This seemed impossible considering where they lived. They did not have anyone in their lives that they could look up to and consider role models.

They encountered many challenges in their lives before they realized their goals. They lived in a dangerous neighborhood, where they had to contend with violence, drug dealers and drug addicts. One of the men had a childhood dream of becoming a dentist, and he convinced the others to study hard for the scholarship Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program offered at Seton Hall and become doctors. The book reveals how the young men continued facing challenges in school, how they almost gave up their dreams, and how they finally managed to overcome those challenges and realize their dream, thus fulfilling their pact.

It is a story of friendship, and it shows the importance of having role models and good social support systems so that one can realize his or her dreams in life.


I was inspired and impressed by the friendship and determination of the three young men. I believe that this kept them focused and it gave them the strength they needed to overcome obstacles.

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It is often rare to read of young men who influence each other positively. In many cases, people in similar situations often end up falling to negative peer influences. The three decided to support and encourage each other, and this made them realize their goals. I was emotionally moved by the people who decided to make positive changes in the men’s lives and encourage each other. George talks of his friend’s father who treated him like one of his sons. He believed in George’s dreams and he never discouraged him from achieving his goals. Some of the teachers and counselors acted as role models for the boys. They encouraged them in pursuing their goals and they gave them the morale and inspiration they needed in life.

It was interesting to read that the men made bad decisions in their lives but they did not let that determine their future. Two of them had already faced the criminal justice system even before they were eighteen years. They committed some offences, which could have destroyed their future. The men had friends who were not positive influences in their lives. However, the pact that they had made and the fact that they continued making their friendship stronger, made it possible for them to get on the right path. They admit that it was not easy for them to go to college and become doctors. They faced hard situations, which almost made them give up in life and forget their dreams.

I was angered by the social and economic systems in our country, which force some people to live in abject poverty as others live in extreme wealth. The families living in the projects were poor. Most of the people involved in dealing drugs did not do so out of choice but they were forced by their circumstances. Poverty has led to many social ills and disadvantages in the country. Many children are forced to live without their fathers around because they are serving time in prison, while others have decided to abandon their families. I was also angered by the fact that some children are exposed to so much violence when they are young. The men had grown up in tough and rough neighborhoods. They committed crimes and offences such as stealing and beating other people. However, they managed to change their negative ways and they became positive influences and role models to other people in their community. Another thing that made me angry was the discrimination that continues to plague the society. People continue to be defined by the color of their skin and not by their abilities. This has often discouraged many from achieving their dreams. Had it not been for the support that the young men received from few individuals, then they would not have reached where they are today.

Although I liked all the characters because of their determination, my favorite was George. I think that it would not have been possible for the three to become doctors had he not held the dream he had of becoming a dentist. His fascination in dentistry made him have a dream. Not many people enjoy dentist visits, but George seemed to enjoy them when he was young. He urged the others to join medical school and this contributed to positive changes in their lives. Although George’s mother, Ella Jenkins Mack, is not one of the prominent characters in the book, I admire her persistence and courage in bringing up her children. She was resilient and she managed to discipline and provide for her children. It was not easy bringing up two boys with no other source of support. She ensured that she got her family out of the projects. She did not let the fact that she was a single mother discourage her from hoping for a better life.

Overall Evaluation

I would recommend this book to a friend and to people who have to face challenges in their lives. The book remains relevant because many people continue experiencing the same situations that the young men went through in their lives. Many people still live in the ghetto, and they continue to experience hardships and challenges in life. They continue living in violent environments and they have to deal with many social ills. This is an inspirational book and it shows that one does not have to conform to his or her environment. The three young men could have decided to become part of the statistics, as is often the case with many African American men and other people living in the ghetto. They could have felt sorry for themselves and given up on their aspirations just because they did not have role models around. However, they made a different decision. The book is written in such a simple and engaging way. The book also describes the events that happened plainly. The authors do not try to hide some of the information or exaggerate other details. This book is both engaging and entertaining, and it promotes the values of true friendship, hard work, discipline, and positive influences in life.

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