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“The Notebook” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The Notebook”

To take up reading this book I was prompted solely desire for experimentation. And, like any experimenter, I expected … and the result was not mistaken. You can accuse me of bias, and if a bias to understand some expectations from the book, a preliminary opinion about it, yes, I took this book biased! However, it is more biased than 90% of its readers (and fans). I honestly tried to abandon their prejudices, but it did not want to disappear, and only grew stronger, and the 10th page grew into a conviction … More 5 pages I read that if by inertia, or even something hoping. On page 16, I put down the book, not to return to it ever.

Do not misunderstand me, I just could not do otherwise. After all, if I continued to read, I would have to put the protagonist monument (and maybe even organize a cult of his name). Already, because of it is written in the first 16 pages, Noah Kelhoun worthy of at least a bronze bust. Honest, brave, loyal, loving, strong, generous, romantic, a lover of poetry, intelligent, not without business skills (women are thrilled, and the men nervously smoking in aside) – but I would rather believe in the existence of Santa Claus than November Kelhouna

I could not read more because I was scared. Yes, yes, yes, he was afraid, because not every day you find yourself in the gift of foresight. And here! On the third page, I thought that Noah had to be sure to visit the war and already in the fourth received this confirmation. And after “The same evening, only a little earlier and thousands of miles from Noah, on veranda encircling the home of her parents, sat tucked under her one leg, young woman” (page 6) – I like the palm appeared the following 10 pages of text. Then I read the last page of the book and decided not to eat more than fate, because the Prophet share too heavy and not in my immediate plans.

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Some argue that this is a book about love … I will not argue, although I’m not quite sure supernatural senses mythical creatures can be given “human” names.

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