Critical Analysis Of Night Of The Scorpion

How does the writer of this poem use language to create impressions and contrasts? How effective do you think this has been in helping him to convey a vivid picture of the event? Do you feel the differences in time and culture between the poet and yourself limit your appreciation of the ideas and feelings it conveys?
In this essay, I will touch on how Nissim Ezekiel successfully uses language to create impressions and contrasts. In addition, I will show you how he effectively conveyed the vivid event of how his mother was stung by a scorpion.

Finally, I will discuss how time and culture helped me to appreciate the poem.
” The peasant came like swarms of flies..”
The poet’s comparison of the peasants to insects makes me frown. Initially I felt indignant that the villagers who “buzzed the Name of God a hundred times” were treated so contemptuously. After all they were only showing concern for the victim. However upon closer examination, I realise that they were more of a hindrance to the recovery of the poet’s mother.

They created a noisy commotion with their candles and lanterns as they searched in vain for the scorpion. Just imagine hundreds of irritating clicking tongues when all she really needed was some peace and quiet to recover.Furthermore, flies are associated with death and decay. The impression the poet gives is that the people are bothersome and exasperating. By using this metaphor, effectively helped me see the event through his words.

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There is a religious connotation to the whole event. Usually when there is a combination of the Name of God and Mother, immediately there is a religious connection to Mother Mary, a Roman Catholic holy icon. He is comparing his Mother to someone holy, someone worthy of worship. It is evident that he loves his mother very much. When the Name of God is juxtaposed with the Evil One, then a battle between Good and Evil cann

Essay Example on Scorpion Night 1995

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Critical Analysis Of Night Of The Scorpion
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