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The Negative Effects of College Sports Essay

Essay Topic:

As college sports continue to expand in the United States, universities provide growing support for sports teams. College sports are not only followed by students and alumni but also by large fan bases from all over the country. Due to the regularity of college sports teams, nobody questions negative impacts. However, with the recent influx of academic fraud, a question can be raised regarding the role of athletics at colleges: should colleges continue to support their sports teams? One common argument regarding continuous college support of athletics is the college sports industry. From college athletic logos to illegal gambling, the college sports industries sphere of influence is large. This is entirely beneficial and can only help the college. Furthermore, college teams sell many prospective students on attending the school. Contrarily, many believe sports have no place in college. College institutions are created for learning rather than athletics. Furthermore, college sports compromise academic standards. Some others argue that the role of college sports is too large to be beneficial. The fact that some football coaches earn more than university presidents is absurd.

The first perspective states athletics play an undoubtedly valuable role at universities. While sports do generate billions of dollars for schools directly or indirectly, this perspective is invalid because it endangers academic standards as well as university campuses. The second and third perspectives correlate in their beliefs of the dangers of athletics at colleges. As the second perspective states, sports have no official place in college. In fact, colleges were created for learning, and certainly not for ath letics. Furthermore, athletics compromise academic standards by creating fake classes and giving out fake grades in order to stay eligible for sports. Most importantly, the third perspective states college sports are making administrators lose perspective. …

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