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“The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana”

I read for a long time, “The Mysterious Flame”, the novel gave me a hard time: usually I osilival no more than one chapter a day. Perhaps the main reason for this – rather dry tongue, and an abundance of quotations, references to a whole bunch of little-known literary works. It seems that what is all this: then, to show off your erudition? In general, we can say that the very rhythm and narrative style is not very liked. Having read the book, I realized that this was done on purpose: the text is part of the story, Eco tries to draw the reader into an interactive process (including by way of illustration, that, unfortunately, could not include in the novel – he is well cost I would be without them), dating to last hero. We are equal to it conditions: we wake up at the same time with him, at the same time with him and go to sleep – all to be honest

The novel at first unfolds slowly but gradually gaining momentum, leading us to the most important. To what motivates hero throughout life, from which he fled into his world of books. All these numerous quotes reflect the inner world of the hero: he has more of others than their own. I think deliberately flooded Eco novel by them in order to better show the life of Bodoni and running with loss of memory allow it to achieve a small force: the hero for himself a black box and does not know about us anymore. As far as this attempt is successful – to judge only the reader, and perhaps for this it is necessary to have similar to the hero character traits

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For me, the main charm of the novel in the story: to the pearl, which explains why the hero has lost his memory,. what he wanted all his life, and from then ran, for what he actually lived. After that immediately it became clear language of the novel, his style and everything. And I wanted to read the book again.

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