"The Moon - Harsh Mistress" Review

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Essay on “The Moon – Harsh Mistress”

History repeats itself, and the moon:)

Just like always – the people who live under the thumb of the ruling class, oppression, deceit. Everything seems to be normal … People live everywhere and under all conditions. Another matter is that there are isolated “individuals” who do not triple this situation of things. Such people generally, and make history. . This “energizers”, the new engines, even the unknown

These are the Crank and appeared on the Moon, where lived Luntik – the local people, so to say second generation, born from the criminals.

People who have not seen ever planet Earth. In a word – Luntik. people are industrious, peaceful but stubborn.

One of the main characters of the book is the computer that controls life support on the planet.

He played a major role in the liberation struggle-LUNTIK guerrillas =) It sounds strange , sure. But it’s fantastic !!!

“-! Hey, Mike

He blinked indicators

-. Hey, Man

! – What’s new that we have an old

it is a loss I know the car is not lost, but do not forget, Mike designed to operate at a shortfall of information and then he himself reprogrammed with an emphasis on literature?….

from his quest tear break through. Although, perhaps, at this time he silently shuffled random numbers heuristically line up memory addresses. “

” Mike mused. A wonderful combination of snipe and naive shpenta ushlogo old fart. No insti such as are for (at least I think so) or congenital tendencies or human rears – mean experience in the human sense, and the knowledge is greater than that of a platoon luminaries

-.. How about hohmochek? – I asked

-. Go ahead

-. What are the similarities between the laser and goldfish

About the lasers he knew everything, but where he saw goldfish Oh? a video about them running off, and I ask him such a question in response to my already procured diarrhea ten thousand words

-. I do not know. Surrender

zaryabilo indicators

-…. Would be ripe, but can not “

In the book, all the good it has sustained, consistent, with humor, there sarcasm, irony, self-irony -. full bouquet it has a certain comfort, the spirit, I would say, but for me there there is one but the language we do not forget that it convicts planet means and their speech is rife with thieves catchwords, jargons.!.. . What’s more – the whole book to them and based

Can I condemn, but I have not read the remaining pages 100 and I gave up, broke

still, it’s not mine..! – all these give a damn

Well, some of qi. al for starters:

“I look – the baby she has, one little finger she baby. I’m fine, 175 seme, and in it – 180, as I later learned, all 70 kege mass in front of such parentheses, curly back, and the same fair, like little black little finger. I decided that I must be convoyed out because the local color are rarely blonde in the second and third generations. Face pleasant, almost cute, and a shock of straw-colored curls over all this nice structure.

I stopped three feet away, admired and gave a triple “fyuit”. She took the stand, bowed in gratitude, but not good: know compliments tired “

” My grandfather from Caudle Stone vouched that the moon – is the only one in the history of open prison “ “And the guard about the protest rallies are usually not worried. We adhere to the policy of “Let him yell.” Hipezhu this price – it squeak kittens in a box. Although some of the guard instructed ears, and some whipped and mouths plugging, but in the sum of outputs zero program: trivial zero in all respects “

Well, think for yourself, decide for yourself – read or. not read)))))

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"The Moon - Harsh Mistress" Review
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