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“The Miracle” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The Miracle”

When we asked the university to read this book, I confess, I had to work hard to find her. The book seemed to me amusing, sometimes even funny, and sometimes not very smart. Still, I would venture to pass, because the teacher saw in it some very deep thought, which simply can not be ignored))

The main character -. Student Marina – simple and naive. As a Soviet immigrant in the United States, and even of Jewish origin, she runs into trouble on the part of a fellow student-Arab Ali. Their contention, which took place on a national basis, and served as a plot complication. Omit not very pleasant details of the act of sexual violence Ali over the Marina and other erotic scenes, with which the first part is replete with (although, according to the further development of events, Marina was not left them disappointed).

During one of these erotic scenes in the university for the hostel there is a raid FBI, and Ali aristovyvayut, but he manages to convey Marina floppy disk, which stores some important information. How then finds Marina, Ali is a hacker (in fact, the logic of it simply suicidal, it was very amusing to read the course of its reasoning).

Without further ado, wanting revenge on Ali for his torment, she decides to become a Zionist spy and supply the Mossad important information. According to the “party” assignment Marina is moving closer to Ali, marries him, and they go home Ali in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

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Marina some time living in the house of Ali, is subtle and searching information transmission methods in the Mossad. During this period, her feelings for Ali vary greatly, she begins to realize that she loves him, but her double life is soon revealed. Marina tries to escape, but she can not. The family council head of the family verdict: Marina deserves death. Decide to throw her from a helicopter over the desert. While in the helicopter, she repents before Ali, thinking that it was her last moments.

And then, in fact, a miracle! Being thrown from a great height in the sand, Marina remains alive. After some time in the desert, it is a Bedouin family. Behind it comes Ali, her how to survive the punishment of Allah, and the survivor, returned to the family, she accepts Islam and – happy ending

To sum up: a pretty entertaining read, sometimes naive and funny.. The plot with pretensions to ekshenovost and originality. In general, such an adventure novel itself 80s. Suitable when read absolutely nothing, but really want.

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