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The Marriage of Isabella and Ferdinand Paper

Some of the opinions stated by Liss’ depict Isabella as the ambitious ruler who was in no way impotent, her opinion states that Henry IV was impotent; Isabella chose to marry Ferdinand and that Isabella was a Kingly queen. Firstly, the view that Henry IV was impotent and that Isabella was better than Henry is convincing because Henry IV’s first marriage was childless and ended in divorce. He then married a Portuguese princess Joana, who bore a daughter, Juana (La Beltranaja) but it was believed that she was not Henry’s daughter. He was not only impotent meaning he had a lack of power and support but because it was believed he was childless and could not have children. Also, nobles were more powerful than him especially marquis of Villena and archbishop of Toledo and with the absence of a central administration, the Crown depended upon the support of the principal nobles, clergy and towns. Neither nobles nor clergy paid direct taxation and the crown gave 30 million in lands to his nobles, It was also the nobles that controlled the troops and collected the taxes not the crown. The nobles thought they could use Isabella, the King’s half-sister, as a political pawn to extract privileges from the king. They pressured her to marry Ferdinand of Aragon and defy the King and without Henry’s knowledge or consent married the heir to the throne of Aragon, Ferdinand (the future Ferdinand II). The two would one day rule a united Spain and his rivals would recognise her as heir to the throne of Castile. Cabrera contained the crowns treasure, and when the city was threatened by the marquis of Villena, rather than submit to to this over mighty noble or the king, Cabrera sought the protection of Isabella and Ferdinand showing just how much support Isabella and Ferdinand had as opposed to the Kings lack thereof. One faction recognized Henry’s younger half-brother Alfonso, deposing Henry in effigy in the “Farce of Avila.” On the 5th June 14…

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