Marketing Environment Analysis

The market environment analysis of Shanghai environmental protection fashion exhibition BYJulteen1313 The market environment analysis of Shanghai environmental protection fashion Consumer market analysis According to the authority of the State Statistics show that 33 capital cities across the country, 393 prefecture-level cities, almost 3,000 county-level cities, Shanghai residents’ consumption , the proportion of clothing consuming remains a relatively stable trend, both low-income families , middle-income families and high-income amilies, maintain that the proportion of 11% , that is to say, the Shanghai Garment consumption average amounted to 2,552 yuan , a year-on-year in 2009 increased by 360 yuan , an increase of 16.

42%. The main reasons are as follows. Firstly, increase in the price of clothing. Due to the increase of clothing production costs and cost of sales , resulting in clothing prices rose , this factor is an very important influencing factor ; Secondly, the pursuit to the brand of residents.

The clothing consumption pursuit among residents has been changed from the previously simple dress equirement to the fashion, elegant, they think highly of the clothing brand.

This factor has become the main factors of clothing consumption, it is also an important factor in promoting the development of brand clothing, and it is also an important factor in promoting the development of brand clothing Shanghai Fashion Market Analysis Potential Analysis With the continuous upgrading of consumption and expansion of luxury brands, more and more high-end clothing brands in shanghai have come up. Nearly two years of data show that the major categories of apparel retail average price growth ate of around 10% , the rise in prices of consumer apparel consumer grade shows a growing trend .

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The Market Environment

Nanjing West Road shopping district, Middle Huaihai Road, the Bund, Xintiandi have become landmark luxury consumption in Shanghai. At the same time, some department stores are also actively introduce international brands, Orient Shopping Center, the first Yaohan Shopping Center, New World City department stores are effectively in the introduction of high-end clothing brand . Currently, some department stores’ sales of international brands account for more than 10% of sales f clothing commodity, is a quite obvious expanding trend. Risk prediction Market risks Exhibition institutions is conditioned by the market environment and social macro – policies and laws are likely to lead to the show cannot be properly organized.

Funding risks Holding an exhibition will requires a high amount of the cost, so the exhibition company may turn up some inevitable economic risks, such as lack of funds or loan difficulties crisis. If it is not supported by other enterprises, the operation of the exhibition will be suffered. Cooperation Risks Exhibition agencies between other co-operation agencies, exhibition agencies between the institutions of the exhibition pavilion, exhibition agencies between the exhibition service providers as well as marketing intermediary, on the conditions for cooperation, cooperation objectives and cooperation affairs may appear inconsistent and other uncertainties factors will lead a bad effect to the show. Reference websites http://www. chinairn. com/news/20130412/110134202. html http://wenku. baidu. com/view/3f7fae75a417866fb84a8e56. html

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