The Problem With Mobile Phones

Ahmad Albawaneh

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Date: 3/2/15

The Problem With Mobile Phones

Effect of Cell phones

Accidents involving drivers distracted by their cell phones are increasing and texting while driving is considered to be one of the biggest hazards on the road. With the technology getting more advanced more accidents would occur specially with teenagers. Except for emergencies, cell phones should be ban for causing cancer, distracting people leading to accident, and making them less intelligence.

Using cell phones causes cancer because of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range.

“Correlation would show that people who carry lighters tend to develop cancer, correlations is what led people to ask if cell phones. Radiation might cause brain cancer”(Cancer Causing Technology web). Experiments have been made by doctors that indicate hazard and health effects by cell phones. Epidemiological studies conclude that exposer to RF fields is couldlead to an increase cancer. The human body could absorb radio radiation from cell phones. Those microwaves radiation could heat up and affect the surface of the head causing the temperature to increase the exposure of the head to the sun.

The brain’s blood would flow faster and cause brain cancer. Cell phones could leak of albumin into the brain which goes throw the brain’s blood and causes brain cancer. “Crow previously had breast Cancer, her doctor think that radiation causes brain cancer.” (Cancer Causing Technology Web). Many experiment had been made by many countries around the world to discover what is the cost of humans paying through using cell phones, scientist believe that cell phones cause cancer through microwaves radiation that could let the temperature rise, when the phone touches the head the brain’s temperature would increase and cause the blood to flow faster and cause cancer.

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Using cell phones causes brain cancer and other disease that the scientist still trying to discover.

Brain canc…

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The Problem With Mobile Phones
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