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“The Magus. The Ebony Tower” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Magus. The Ebony Tower”

Cynic, I was not by nature, but by rebel status. I rejected that hated, but could not find the object of love, and therefore pretended that nothing in the world of love does not deserve

There is a type of dramatic movies -. Such as “Man on the Moon” Foreman or “Stoned” Woolley, telling us about lives downright unpleasant. The first strike one from such a film – no, not like that. But upon closer inspection, all of a sudden it turns out that “did not like” – is the hero, and the film is really great. “Magus” – something like this in the literature

The novel itself tells the story of a young Englishman Nicholas Erfe, who has fallen as a teacher on a Greek island Fraksos, where he meets a mysterious man with high cultural demands -. Maurice Konchisa – and soon became countries participating in a string of events, talks, theater productions, which create around him an illusory world, where there is no truth, and it is unclear what and whom to believe

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At the same time Nicholas belongs to my favorite type of literary heroes:. sort cynical and thinking, epremenno disillusioned and running away. He is best suited to this situation: it is able to analyze, little is taken for granted and, as usual, is vulnerable, where the least has experience – certainly in love. Konchis, in turn, – is also very attractive character, a mysterious and powerful, calmly issuing a lie for the truth and it is the questioning of the puppeteer, not shy in the media for staging your home little pieces

We must pay tribute to the author. for his fantasy hero. Home staging is full of allusions to the classic literary works, ancient myths and history; entourage varies from quite a realistic contemporary to ancient mystical. The text is filled with constant references to the various art figures – apparently, Fowles – the person deceived. And his words, manner of presentation – a kind of work of art – honed, purely literary, well put. The style is impeccable. You can not miss the fact that throughout the novel you – guinea mouse, for a real magician – Fowles, and as one of its protagonist manipulates others, torturing them, the author manipulates the reader, makes him, along with the characters wander in the illusory space, doubt, believe and make mistakes, and then to feel disgust, contempt and almost even despair – the highest literary skill. And rest assured: the author is merciless, throw in the end “because” do not satisfy you


“Why wade through hundreds of pages of fiction in search of small homegrown truth?”. – Konchis says about the novel as a literary genre. “Magus” – a refutation of the words of his hero. Truths of small and home-grown – not. Truths do not, as there is the right decision, and perhaps the most choice. You would have scored butt tortured and mutilated torture partisan if it will save lives eighty hostages

“The Magus” – a complex book, if you have the desire to moralizing and unfailing answer to all these questions?; it is too thin the line between what is morally correct, ethical, and the fact that there is.

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