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“The Lover” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Lover”

Each literary period has its “face” in the form of a certain author who represents this era. For example, if you take the current literature, then, for me, it is associated with the name of Janusz Leon Vishnevsky. Not casual, he is considered one of the most popular authors of our time. Maybe his success lies in the fact that he writes about love as part of modern life? We all remember his debut novel – “Loneliness in the network” – a story of love born in virtuality, smoothly flowing into reality. Following was “fate Repetition”, but today I would like to recall his third book titled “Mistress.” On the one hand, this piece is designed in the best style Vishnevsky – author, like no one else can reach your readers touching and sometimes tragic love stories. If he has a mysterious language of love, and we are not just readers, and witnessed all of these fascinating stories. On the other – this work he destroys all the stereotypes about his writing style. His previous book differed deep, I would say slightly flowery plot. They were full of heroes, both major and minor, covers a vast geographical area. In “Mistress” is much easier – there He is, She is Love. Mostly all-consuming, sometimes destructive, sometimes full of passion, sometimes – tenderness. We have a unique opportunity – to see all the masks that feeling – you need nothing at all – just read this novel

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