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“the Lovely Bones” Book Review Paper

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Essay on “The Lovely Bones”

If one were to formulate a single sentence, what this book, I would probably say: a book about the strength of family ties on this and on the other side of life. We have Pavic words: die – so stop being someone’s son (daughter). You can continue to: cease to be a man or a woman, a child or an adult to lose his name and the appearance that you were “at the body.” Everything is the soul discards while taking off like a rocket – burning up stages, and continues its way free and unencumbered by anything, even the memory

In theory Alice Sebold’s death and the soul after death is quite different.. It is closer to the Christian, according to which we come before God in his earthly, though disembodied, disguise and sound memory of their deeds, which we will be judged. But even in this, “anthropomorphic” theory of the soul Seaboard goes even further: it is virtually erases the boundaries between the world of the dead and the living

Deaths do not go anywhere.. They are among us. They have some more its individual dimension, where they spend part of the time, but at any moment they can move into ours. They see animals and very young children, and see it as something quite natural. Even some adults (especially those who loved them in life) can sense their presence as a “chill bumps” or catch promelk reflection in the broken glass

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The history of Susie Salmon -. This is the story told by the ghost a teenage girl who was raped, killed, dismembered, packed in a safety deposit box and thrown into the pit. All that was left on the ground, it’s knitted cap, bracelet with pendants, swollen school book and hand fragment. The killer dropped it on the road, and the neighbor’s dog found and brought. That was the main proof of the death of Susie.

A terrible bloody scene of the rape and murder, of course, is the culmination of the novel, although given somewhere in the beginning. All further – only its echoes and implications. It is as if we were shown how an explosion, destroying all life within a radius of the nth number of meters, and then a long time, and shows in detail would like bare earth at this place gradually tightened grass, new insects, the birds start to nest and hatching … “life goes on».

But in this “life goes on” is the main salt of the novel. As she continues to anyone that it forever changed and what has remained unchanged …

The mother Susie could not be combined in the understanding two notions of daughters as a real live girl and as a rotting somewhere remains. To as far as possible to distance himself from Suzy image and from the image of the family, part of which was Susie, it first with the head goes into an affair, and then completely went to another country and start a new life.

Lindsay sister Susie, is struggling with the pain in his own way: action, action. He sneaks into the house and finds the killer finally irrefutable evidence of his guilt. (However, this is nothing helped – the killer managed to escape.)

The little brother misses Suzy, but fortunately, she sometimes it is, and therefore their separation, as it were “not true»

There are grandma Lynn and Ray boy – the first school love, and a strange girl Ruth (soul Suzy hurt her hand when brushing past in the night of the murder, what has changed her life forever). All they remember and love Suzy, and in a way to communicate with her, without knowing it.

But the main focus of love, the personification of blood ties, by virtue of which not destroy and death, is the father of Susie, Jack Salmon . This is a man whose daughter with death changed everything – and nothing has changed. Not that he persists in rejecting a fait accompli, and not something that falls into mysticism and begins to believe in an afterlife. No; Stunned with grief, he about anything so do not even think. He is in the first place – the support, the head of the family, and must retain the remnants of self-control to help his wife and two other children to survive the loss of

But here it goes past the house of Mr. Garvey, their “eccentric neighbor.”. And something causes it to enter into the courtyard, where Mr. Harvey is obsessed with architecture, building ritual wedding tent of some sort of ancient Malian tribes. Garvey invites him to join, and for some time they work together. Not much is happening, there are no signs and prerequisites to suspect Mr. Garvey murder. But …

«began to snow in the street. For the first time after my death. And Dad said it

-. Listening to you, my dear, – he said quietly. – What do you want to say

All the power of my thoughts rushed to the dry bush geranium, chernevshy before his eyes?. I thought, if I can make geraniums blossomed, and it will be the answer. I’m in heaven geranium immediately blossomed riotous color. I’m in heaven petals have already begun to crumble, I was drowning in them at times. And the world has not changed

But even through the snow I remarked. Father differently looks at the green house. Something he was concerned »

By the end of the work on the tent of the father of Susie knew exactly:. Mr. Harvey is the killer

Where does this knowledge.? Of snowfall, from accidental contact with the hand of Mr. Harvey, from his father’s love and grief.

In ordinary life, when the relatives of the dead are beginning to see such “signs” that surround take it for paranoia. Man a little “out of it»

But in the world Siebold dimension in which Susie continues to exist, -. An objective reality, and “paranoia” of her father – only a fragile bridge into this reality. And the only way to keep this bridge: do not doubt him. Do not think and do not look for the logical connections between the “snowed” and “he killed her.” Just to see that this is the case

As a result, not a police investigation, and it is this aggravated his father’s intuition and collected “evidence” in the form of snow, howling dogs, the reflection in the lights window candles and lead to the disclosure of the crime:. Second daughter, Lindsay feels (also intuitively) father’s right, sneaks into the house and Garvey razdobyvaet have real evidence. But Harvey has time to escape.

Many have read the book writes that the outcome is not convincing. Disappointing supposedly interchange. Serial killer Harvey, do not ruin a girl, many years later dies from accidental icicles. Even something as ridiculous: and where the price paid, where terrible torments commensurate sins? And indeed the death scene is described as something resembling, in between times.

This “neglect” to the fate of the character, probably intended to emphasize its insignificance. Between the victim and the killer does not have such a strong and unbreakable connection, which they sometimes credited. Garvey – nothing more than a tragic accident in the life of Suzy, her own “icicle”. And Susie ghost for so long can not leave the world of the living, hanging between heaven and earth, not because her death is not with vengeance, killer unpunished, and bones – not buried. No; her soul (as well as any other concept in Siebold) holds here only one thing: love. Love family and love of family.

While this thread is not interrupted, or rather, until Suzy is not ripen before that most of its insulation, it is doomed and remain Suzy, a girl 14 years old, white, American …

Siebold only hints that there is still some way continued. That “mezhdumir’e” where Susie is stuck – not the final destination. But for him to leave, it is necessary to leave the last -. “Lovely bones” of earthly life, love for a living

Throughout Suzy novel suffers from the fact that he could never grow. In light of this, the last words of the novel looks symbolic: elderly couple finds in the forest the old, rusty bracelet with pendants, once owned by Susie

«- girl is, I suppose, very adult became, – said his wife. .


Yes, not exactly.

I wish you live happily ever after. »

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