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“The Lovely Bones” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Lovely Bones”

There are some topics that are difficult to raise: about them hard to write books, make movies, and sometimes it is difficult to say. In this book, one of those affected by the fact – the murder of a child. Subject incredibly complex, delicate, where necessary virtuosity writer. Where one extra word can hurt, how can not hurt a thousand knives.

So, the theme of the book “The Lovely Bones” is the murder of the girl. But unfortunately, in this book, the murder of the theme for a family misfortune and as a problem for society is not a key, and not even the second or third, because the essence of the book was not to expose the offender or the theme of rejection of killings, to my great surprise, life on earth after the death of this girl’s life and most girls are in another world.

The author as she could fantasize on the topic beyond the grave “paradise” of the world, tried, unconvincingly in my view, to convey the thoughts and feelings of the deceased. I think this is one of the main problems of the book, since these hypothetical thoughts seem unconvincing and, moreover, petty and false.

Another point. After the episode with the girl’s death, which more or less shows the experiences of those who suffered the greatest loss – parents, things take a new turn, and the author begins to describe the life of adolescent – friends and acquaintances of the deceased, whom she watches “from heaven.” Sorry for the banality, but for me it was the last straw. Could not bear to read about these minor things after the murder was described!

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I believe that if the author wanted to write a book about teenage life, it was necessary to do it and do not affect the subject of murder. Or write a book about prezhivaniyah parents of the deceased and not affect the problems of puberty teen and, moreover, the subject of the underworld.

I began to read this book, because I consider the killing of children an important issue. Especially important now, when we hear or read the news about the new kids missing or dead. But. I do not accept speculation on the sick for many of the problems, so I do not think this book is good, and would not be recommended for reading.

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